Why The U.S. Postal Service Is Great and FedEx Office Is Not

15 12 2010

These past few days I have learned a thing or two about sending packages in the mail. I figured that as this is the holiday season, some of you would be interested in learning these such tips. Sending packages in the mail is pretty popular around this time of the year. The two most important things I have learned is that 1) Fedex Office ships for an unreasonably expensive amount and the U.S. Postal Service’s Flat Rate Boxes are pretty much the greatest thing ever. If you would like to learn more about how I came to this realization, read my story below the video.

Weighing packages is for losers.

I learned the hard way. With all the TV I’ve watched, you’d think that a commercial like the one above, would have stuck with me and made a bigger impact, but alas, I somehow was under the impression that I could mail packages better and more conveniently from the FedEx Office store near my office. Had I known the post office was cheaper, I wouldn’t have had to shell out almost $14 to ship something that should have been only $5.

I went to FedEx Office yesterday and today to ship simple packages that didn’t need to be rushed or anything special. I went to FedEx because the closest post office I knew of wasn’t very close and this was more convenient. When I tried to mail another package today that was to be delivered to an army post in the Middle East, I was informed that FedEx could not do that and that I would have to go to the post office. When I asked where the nearest post office was (I was in Penn Quarter), I was told the Old Post Office Pavilion. (Well, that made sense!)

So I headed on over to the Old Post Office Pavilion. I walked past numerous shops and restaurants, not seeing what I was looking for. I asked a person working at a tour guide office, and they too, didn’t know where there was a post office in the Post Office Pavilion. (How ironic!!) I asked some security guards and unless I wanted to buy stamps, the real post office wasn’t actually in the Post Office Pavilion. (Who knew?!) It was one building over.

So I went to a building marked, IRS and found a small sign near an entrance that claimed there were postal services inside. I looked around and sure enough in the atrium was a full service post office. Fabulous! After wandering around unsure of what I needed to do, a very friendly employee came to my assistance. She had me fill out a complicated International Customs form and I was all set to wait in line. After a quick wait, I went up to the counter to be helped. I was able to get a small Flat Rate Box and squeezed fit my package into the small yet surprisingly apt box. The box was weighed, and since it was under a certain weight limit, it turned out that the long and complicated form I had filled out wasn’t even needed! A simple label sticker was used and that was it. And, the box even said it could be shipped internationally, which sealed the deal. The only cost was for the box, which includes shipping, which is the reason behind the awesomeness of Flat Rate Boxes.

Yeah, I’d want to hug that guy too, after finding out how easy it all is!

Basically, I am never going back to FedEx Office to mail something again. -Unless, you know, for some reason I need something shipped extra fancy and immediately. And now I am basically in love with the U.S. Postal Service. They can do anything at the post office. It’s easy, cheap, and friendly! Hooray for the Postal Service!




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