The Most Haunted House In Ohio

13 08 2010

By total coincidence of today being Friday the 13th and all,  I was searching through this website’s gallery of the 20 Most Haunted Homes. I’m a fan of TV shows about ghost hunts and going on tours to visit haunted sites, so this slideshow of haunted houses in the U.S. was right up my alley.

A number of the homes have since been bulldozed, which is truly unfortunate. A bunch of other homes’ previous owners were big-name celebrities, so the chances of getting into the houses is slim. But then there are other haunted abodes with gruesome pasts that are included such as The Amityville Horror House:

Amityville, NY

the “In Cold Blood” House:

Holcomb, KS

and “The Haunting in Connecticut” House:

Southington, CT

There were two haunted homes that especially stood out to me. The first is a house that is located in D.C.’s very own suburb of Silver Spring. It is known as The Maryland Double Murder House. The story goes that in 2002 a man shot to death a 9-year-old girl and her father, and then the house’s next owner was later found shot to death after requesting for an exorcism to be performed in the house. Either it’s just a coincidence, or perhaps the first two ghosts did not like the next owner trying to get rid of them so they took matters into their own “hands” or something like that.

Silver Spring, MD

The other house that caught my attention is simply called, The Haunted Ohio Castle (otherwise known as Franklin Castle). Both of my parents are from Cleveland, as is the location of this historical yet creepy abode. According to the castle’s webpage, the last set plans for this house were back in 2004 which were basically to turn the house into a Bed and Breakfast for ghost hunters and enthusiasts. Apparently there are “many ghosts” that roam the castle’s interiors. Many of the castles (un-)dead residents are children, such as a 13 year-old murdered girl, a 15 year-old girl who died of diabetes, and three children just 11 days old. There are interesting cases of scandalous mistresses, sudden disease, Nazi owners, hidden passage ways,  and various unexplained phenomenon that visitors have since encountered. I am truly intrigued by this historical place and since I still have a lot of family in the area, I wonder what they have heard about this house…

Cleveland, OH




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