Your Fly’s Unzipped

3 11 2010

Here’s a scenario that happened to my friend and I last Friday night. We were hanging out in Adams Morgan, just sitting and talking, when a guy comes up to us and starts talking to us. We didn’t know this guy, and he didn’t know us. As he was talking to my friend, I noticed that the fly on his pants was unzipped. I told him flat out, that his fly was indeed unzipped. (Apparently, there are many creative ways to say this to someone, as presented here, but I didn’t need a euphemism for this stranger.)

Upon hearing that he’d been walking around Adams Morgan and then had proceeded to chat up two ladies with an unzipped fly, he turned red and informed me that what I had done was mean since he was now embarrassed. True, it was an embarrassing thing to be caught with, but I figured I was saving him from leaving his fly unzipped for even longer. Besides, I thought that he should have been flattered even, that a female was checking out his crotch area!

While it could definitely go either way, I think the way he reacted wasn’t right. He should have thanked me instead of getting upset about it! I was trying to solve a problem, not create one! Am I the only one who doesn’t see any harm in my action? If you were in this guy’s situation, how would you have felt if someone pointed out your unzipped fly? Flattered or angry?




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