Sexy Nala Costume

20 09 2011

This past weekend I saw, “The Lion King 3D,” and had an amazing time. The movie is apparently the first among a string of other Disney cartoon classics to be re-released into movie theaters in three-dimensional form. I saw the movie with some friends and although we were thoroughly surrounded by hoards of crying children (seriously, why were these kids constantly wailing?), we were still able to enjoy ourselves. One of the great things about Disney movies is that they appeal to people of all ages.

Take the lovey-dovey song in The Lion King, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.” It almost feels like it should be an Eric Clapton song, not an Elton John tune. Us, older folk can see beyond how cutesy this song might seem to the younger crowd. A prime example of this is a certain moment in the song where we see Nala, who was once Simba’s carefree, BFF and “partner in crime” give him the deep, sexy, longing look:

Wowza, kids! Nala really seems to know what she wants! Yes kids, this is the pre-cursor to what we see at the end of the movie:

It's the circle of life!

Anyways, the Sexy Nala look led me an unfortunate thought. What, with the bizarre trend of turning innocent children’s characters into sexy costumes, and Halloween just around the corner, there’s a chance that a Sexy Nala costume could very well be this fall’s latest hit. (Oh gosh, I hope not.) Fortunately however, when I did a Google search for “Sexy Nala costume,” the only result I got that vaguely resembled what I was searching for was this:

What we see here is really just a faux-tattered tan dress, gold heels, some sort of African-inspired necklace and a brown bear ears-headband. The worst part of this costume is the flag-like picture you apparently have to hold to make your costume clear to the average and apparently clueless onlooker. It’s true though, this costume (thankfully) does not really convey the message that you are dressing up as Sexy Nala. And even by carrying the extra accessory, does it help? Frankly, I think it looks like that as a lioness, you’ve apparently mangled and decapitated the head of a younger lion. At least in that scenario, the costume is somewhat ferocious and scary; an appropriate aspect for a Halloween costume.

I’m sure there are much better ways of going about dressing as Sexy Nala. Starting with a tan jumpsuit and adding fur trim would probably be the best route. But then again, I’m not here to encourage such a costume. Sure, it might be funny, but in general, “sexy-ing” up a childhood cartoon character for a costume is not something I support. Get a real costume of the animal if you really want to dress like them.




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