Fear of Sidewalks

10 11 2009

P. 90  11/10/09

Many people seem to be afraid of falling into the grates that line city sidewalks. I know some people who go out of their way not to walk on top of these grates. I think this is pretty absurd. When was the last time someone actually fell through a perfectly normal, stable and closed sidewalk grate?

I understand that sometimes the grates are sunken in from a lot of weight going over them, but they are not broken or cracked. They are designed not to break under a person’s weight. There is probably a 2% chance you will actually fall through one of these sidewalk grates.

Part of me sometimes fantasizes about actually falling through one of these grates to validate these people’s irrational fears of walking over grates. I think it would be kind of funny to actually prove this seemingly widespread fear real. Plus, it might be amusing to make the news for falling into one of these situations.




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