Blah, blah, blah, love. I am such a cynic when it comes to love. It’s probably pretty unhealthy how cynical I am about it, actually. But then again, I am also completely boy crazy. One of my friends once called me a “Man’s Lady” (the gender opposite of a “Ladies Man”) since I always have at least a few crushes going. Yeah, I know, I’m (boy) crazy. Deal. True, sometimes my crushes are unrealistic and can lean towards the pro hockey players, but I don’t see that as completely out of the question. (I mean, come on. The Caps live near me and a friend/old co-worker of mine used to date a former Cap. So it is doable.)

Anyways, I hate to admit it but I’ve ventured through dating websites. I’ve gone on a few dates. I’ve had a minimal number of relationships. I’m no dummy when it comes to dating and “love,” but I’m also no expert. I love to gab about how dumb relationships can be. Sometimes they’re confusing and complicated, sometimes they’re not.

Will you hear any juicy details about my own love life (or lack thereof)? Maybe.  Will I be talking about my observations of other people’s love lives? Probably. Will I be discussing how dumb the opposite gender is? Maybe, even though I realize that not all my readers will be females and that would be unfair.

So who knows what will be in store…


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