My Disney Goal

21 09 2011

I love Disney. I love Disney more than most people I know. Frankly, I don’t think I know anyone who likes Disney as much as I do. I’m pretty sure that my dream job would be to work for Disney. And my latest life goal also attests to my incredible love for Disney: to visit every Disney theme park… in the world! Yep, I said in the world. Sure, it’s a lofty -and expensive- feat, but I anticipate pure awesomeness too.

My current main interest is with Tokyo Disney. It started with the sad fact that the Disney parks in America don’t have anything from one of my favorite Disney movies, “Robin Hood.” However, after some research, I found that in fact Tokyo Disney has a number of characters from Robin Hood roaming the park.

He's so foxy!

Why aren't these characters in the U.S??

In addition to “Robin Hood,” Tokyo Disney also has quite a lot from the also amazing movie, “Aladdin.” A friend of mine recently went to Tokyo Disney and from her photos, you really can see how much those folks in Japan really like the movie, “Aladdin.”

I'm pretty sure this is the palace. It looks surreal.

I'm not really sure what we're looking at, but it looks Spanish/Arabian/Moorinsh/amazing.

Not your ordinary carousel!

Aside from Tokyo Disney’s love of  “Robin Hood” and “Aladdin” the park just looks like a fantastic place to see. The scenery is unique, while still staying true to the Disney brand, and some of the rides look different too! I need to go!

I am fascinated by this monstrous volcano...

An "It's A Small World" type ride but waaay cuter.




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