I am a sports fan. I LOVE hockey. I am a Washington Caps fanatic. I take being a Caps fan to the extreme. A friend suggested that the title of my blog reference how big of a Caps fan I am. (So, ta-da!) Why do I love the Caps? Well aside from them being one of the best teams this (and last year), I am infatuated with them because (from my research) I have discovered they are the best looking team of guys in the NHL. (No, I’m not shallow.) They are also the nicest group of guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are super talented (duh) and I like how the majority of the team members are of a young age (aka: under 30) like me. Some favorite hockey players include Robert Lang, Steve Eminger, Brooks Laich, Alex Ovechkin, Mike Green, Boyd Gordon, Patrice Bergeron, Olie Kolzig, Jeff Halpern, Steve Konowalchuck…

Other than hockey, I love the Orioles. They were the baseball team I rooted for growing up in “Merlend.” I went to college in “Ballmer” and my love for the O’s stayed with me. Then Washington D.C. got a baseball team, the Nationals. The new team in DC took away a lot of fans who used to root for the O’s. I thought that was lame. I stayed a dedicated Orioles fan.  Besides, The Nationals can’t play well.

I have also been wanting to go to a D.C. United (Soccer) game for a while now. When I studied abroad in the U.K., it was during the summer of the World Cup and everyone was watching those games. So naturally, I got sucked into football/soccer too.

Then there’s basketball. I went to a basketball game a few years ago and that was pretty exciting. I liked how fast-paced the game was and learned some things about the sport that made it more fun to watch. My team of choice is the Wizards. Actually, as of a few years ago, I’ve been really wanting to go to a Wizards game. I keep hearing that Gilbert Arenas is to the Wizards, as Alex Ovechkin is to the Caps. Only problem is that Arenas has been sidelined for forever because of multiple injuries. So I haven’t been able to see him play. Other star players I’ve heard a lot about include Caron Butler, Juan Dixon, and Antawn Jamison.

As for (American) football, I could care less. The game takes way too long to play. As a native Washingtonian, I was used to fake-caring about the Redskins, but in college, my good friend and roommate turned me on to her fandom of the Ravens. So I have been converted. I cheer for the Ravens. Do I care at all about football? No. But in a Ravens vs. Redskins game, I will be cheering for Baltimore.

So you say, ok that’s nice. You’re a sports fan. What’s THIS category for? Well to talk about any sports-related news I happen to care about. Sometimes this will be cross-referenced with Celebrities since I take many photos of Caps players or see them play or get to meet players from time to time.


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1 03 2011
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