My Trip To We, The Pizza

20 07 2010

It started off with a not surprising long line during the ever-popular lunch hour. My mom, brother and I got into the line with our game plan set as to what we would order. We’ve been to Good Stuff Eatery before, so we were familiar with the drill. Finally, we ordered. And then things went crazy…

[First off, let me clear things up for you. Apparently, Spike’s latest addition to his comfort food business, is We, The Pizza, a pizza/wings/gelato place right next door to Good Stuff Eatery. The first I had heard about We, The Pizza’s opening was that it would open mid-March. March came and went and We, The Pizza stayed underwraps. And then a sparkle of hope: the pizza place would open last Monday the 12th. I took a few of my friends to We, The Pizza over the weekend and to our surprise we found a sign on the doors saying, “coming soon.” Disappointed, we settled for the always-pleasing food at Good Stuff. That weekend I read an article about how We, The Pizza was delaying their opening due to such and such and would “officially” open on Monday the 19th. (Yesterday.) Today, my mom called me, asking if I’d like to go there for lunch today. Sure. Of course! We got to We, The Pizza, for my second try and still, it wasn’t open. This time however, were some large, fancy posters blocking the entrance, still unopened.

What gives?]

Anyways, my family was not deterred. My brother joked that maybe this was just Spike’s way of getting more business to Good Stuff: all the sad, dejected customers wanting pizza will just have to eat Spike’s tasty burgers and shakes instead. Boo hoo.

So my family and I had all ordered our lunch time deliciousness. We all got the lunch special: a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda. All three of us asked to substitute the soda for a shake, though we knew we would have to pay more. It’s ok, we’ve done that substitution before. When we finished placing our complicated order, a loud fire alarm beeping occurred. I had never experienced a fire alarm in a restaurant and oddly enough, everyone in the packed place, barely seemed to notice. It went on for maybe a minute and finally an employee went over to the alarm and turned it off. That was that. No evacuation, no panic. Weird. The cashier also got our order wrong and charged us for sodas in addition to the shakes we had wanted instead. We tried to get our money back, but instead got money back for all of the drinks: sodas and milkshakes. We were informed that they can not substitute drinks. We got sodas to drink instead.

In the end, we neither got pizza, nor milkshakes. My brother joked that at least we didn’t get a pizza milkshake. Ew. So when will We, The Pizza open? I have no clue, but hopefully it will be soon…




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