Going out with a BAM!

30 12 2011

Well folks, this is the last post of the 2011 year with CAPSLove, and I know you know what that means: it’s going to be extra amazing and special. We’re going out with a BAM! And who better to BAM us out than with Bam Margera  chef Emeril! First off is this awesome video where he appears with Elmo and some friends.

Did you see something odd there? I’ll give you a hint: pause that video around 0:39 seconds. No? nothing unusual? Let me help you out:

Looks to me, like we’ve got ourselves a pizza-face on our hands here. I know what you’re thinking: what on earth are we going to do with an unintentional pizza face?? I’m glad you asked. First, I want you to take that picture and use it to create whatever message you desire.I’m got a fantastic homage to Mr. Bill going below:

Yup, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to that signature, “BAM” of Emeril and to Elmo and his unintentionally creative/awesome pals, we can now properly close out 2011. Happy New Years and I’ll see y’all in 2012!


From Charm City to The Big Apple

4 11 2011

This weekend, one of my closest friends is moving away. He got a new job recently (which is awesome) working for Scholastic and while he originally thought he’d be landing the new job in Boston, he was offered instead, the job in New York City. My friend is therefore moving from Baltimore to New York City. While it’s pretty sad to see my friend leave Maryland, I know he’s super psyched about this new change in his life.

While I’m all for Maryland and it’s fantastic crab cakes and football, I have to hand it to my friend for moving to another pretty good place. So to help make my friend a little more at ease with his new life in NYC, here are my top 10 reasons for why New York is (slightly better) than Baltimore. (In no order…)

  1. Better pizza.
  2. New York has a hockey and a basketball team, while Baltimore does not.
  3. Better chance at seeing celebrities.
  4. Speaking of hockey, the Rangers has former Capitals player, Steve Eminger! (Love him.)
  5. Better graffiti.
  6. Better museums. (Sorry, Walters Art Museum. You just don’t cut it.)
  7. More movies have taken place in NY.
  8. Cheesecake is the city’s signature food (in addition to pizza).
  9. NYC has more public transportation and a subway that people actually know about and use.
  10. Better New Year’s celebration. Times Square, for sure.

I think that just about does it. Hopefully my buddy will be able to add to this list, after living and working in the city. I’m sure he won’t miss Baltimore’s notorious crime scene and lack of super heros! Though New York isn’t much of a place for seafood. But I know my friend is a huge fan of cheesecake so I’m sure he’ll fit in just well. I’ll miss you!

Strawberry Cheesecake from Carnegie Deli


3 01 2011

Today I bring you the New Year’s edition of Thoughts From Last Week (or so). I’ve been gone all this past week on vacation, so this week’s post is a collection of my New Year’s thoughts. [While there may be a couple thoughts from my vacation,] they are basically from New Year’s Eve (in which I ventured to the Ottobar in Baltimore) and New Year’s Day (when I watched the fabulous NHL Winter Classic with the epic matchup of the Caps vs. the Pens). Happy New Year’s, y’all!


“I lost 13 lbs. in six days. A new record. Time to hit the (airport’s) full body scanners! Woo boy!”

“Well, we’re doing an evacuation drill [on the cruise boat] and the staff are handing out life preserver vests. When my family and I asked for them, we were told we didn’t need them. This should be interesting…”

“Jesus was bi. Spread the rumor and the love.”

“I am f*ing listening to a song that goes, ‘take your clothes off’ and ‘get naked!‘ Just wow.”

“There is no such thing as a G6. There just isn’t.”

“The Pens’ coach has such a dapper hat on. What is that all about?!?”

“The Greatest Pizza Invention: discuss. Little bro says deep dish. My dad says home delivery. Other brother says the pizza cutter. My mom says cooking on a stone. I say square shaped pizza.”

“The McDonalds logo is on the Caps (and Pens?) penalty box: ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ Really McDonalds? You love the penalties? You care that much about hockey penalties? Doubtful.”

“I had a depressive quarter life crisis talk with my dad tonight about what I can do to make me happier and he suggested the notion of a boyfriend. I replied that it’s easier said than done. Boy, howdy, if he only knew about my trials and tribulations!”

“Some people have New Year’s Resolutions that they can never seem to accomplish and that keep getting repeated year after year. The most common example is that most people aim to lose weight. My repeated resolution has been to get a boyfriend. How depressing.”

We, The Italian Sodas

23 08 2010

This past Saturday my family and I took a trip to (my BFF and former Top Cheftestant) Spike’s newest pizza joint, We, The Pizza. It was my little brother’s last day in D.C. before heading off to college (wow) and he’s a huge fan of Spike and had yet to venture to We, The Pizza. My family ordered five different slices of pizza and five different Italian sodas.

Our taste buds ordered for us. The pizza slices ordered: Sausage & Peppers, Salami, Forest Shroomin, Spinach & Artichoke, and Buffalo Chicken. I had already tried the Sausage and Peppers and the Spinach and Artichoke (maybe my favorite), but the Buffalo Chicken pizza was amazing. That pie had the perfect balance of spicy buffalo sauce with cool cheese. It was a mouth-watering combination. The mushroom pie was also a tasty slice. By using fancier truffle mushrooms, the flavor was smokier and fuller. And unlike most mushroom pizzas where you’ll get a handful of mushroom slices, at We, The Pizza, they cover their pizza with the shrooms. The salami was similar to ordering pepperoni, but the meat was sliced in bigger rounds and it was a neat substitution. Like last time, the sausage and peppers was a great choice. Even my dad, who refused to try the peppers, assuming they’d be hot, was persuaded to try it. (No, the peppers aren’t spicy, and yes, he enjoyed it.)

And then came the Italian Sodas:

The Lineup

From left to right, we gulped down the “Good Morning Vietnam Coffee Soda,” “Co, Co, Nut Soda,” “I’ve Got Orange Crush On You,” “Ubet Manhattan Egg Cream,” and last but not least, “Don’t Forget Your Ginger Roots Soda.” Or, in short, coffee, coconut, orange, chocolate egg cream, and ginger. The menu boasts an impressive 12 options total, each only a mere $3. (What a deal!) I also hear that We, The Pizza prides itself of the Italian Soda-making process which, like the pizzas, customers can oversee its creation process. From what I know, the components include flavor shots, the soda, and whatever other fresh ingredients that infiltrate the mix.

An employee working the soda fountain.

Of the sodas we ordered, my favorite may have been my choice, the ginger or the chocolate egg cream, which reminded me of classic chocolate sodas from Jewish delis in places like New York City. My mom ordered the coconut but was a tad disappointed that it wasn’t sweeter. I noted that the flavor was much more like that of a real coconut, not like the sugary, artificial coconut flavoring that more people are used to. The orange soda tasted much like a Stewart’s Orange ‘n Cream soda or a Creamsicle. The coffee soda was a rejuvenating alternative to a standard iced coffee.

After only eating at We, The Pizza twice, I still have yet to try the other menu items. I am especially looking forward to sampling the wings and the gelato. I feel like ordering a sandwich there could be a cop-out option, though I hear they are still pretty amazing. I mean, let’s be honest; could Spike really make food poorly? In his own restaurant? I sure doubt it.

We, The Pizza Opens!

26 07 2010

Friday afternoon, a friend of mine posted the following on her Facebook wall:

“For all you foodies out there We the Pizza opened today. Word on the street (from Spikes mom) that today all the pizza is free….”

After asking her if this was for real, since I had been hearing so many different things about the true opening of the new joint, my friend responded:

“Yes was at good stuff and went in. They decided not to announce the opening bc of the potential mass of crowds. Its open tho!”

Clever, clever. So Saturday evening, a friend and my brother decided to make the journey to We, The Pizza to experience Spike’s new place in town. Due to my inability to navigate the Metro while also texting, I got to Capitol Hill later than I had anticipated. My brother and friend had already gotten to We, The Pizza, but Spike was turning them away since they “didn’t have enough dough.”

My brother and friend, disappointed, started for Good Stuff Eatery, but not before my brother expressed his deep sadness to Spike. Apparently he told Spike that we had been trying to go to We, The Pizza a number of unsuccessful times. My brother reminded Spike that his sister (me) was the one that had the awesome birthday party at Good Stuff with the appearance of the Caps’ mascot, Slapshot. When Spike remembered that he is BFFs with such an awesome person, he let my friend and brother inside. (That’s what having connections is all about!)

When I had gotten to the restaurant, I saw Spike locking up the door to We, The Pizza. Confused, I gave Spike a puzzled look with my best puppy dog eyes. Maybe Spike was just testing me, because he let me in, when I started for the door. I graciously thanked him and joined my buddies in ordering our pizza by-the-slice. I also ordered a beer that We, The Pizza seems to brew themselves, which is pretty neat. When it came time for us to pay, we were informed that it was all free. Nice! Guess the free pizza thing was all weekend in a marketing stint to get the word out for an unofficial opening of sorts. [PS- The official opening of We, The Pizza is today!]

The New York style pizza and beer we shared were fantastic. My favorite was the spinach-artichoke. The Sicilian is definitely worth ordering if you’re hungry. It’s like 80% thick, delicious seasoned and spiced dough. We, The Pizza’s dough is something to note. In all of the slices we ordered, the pizza dough was delicious and soft and chewy. I sometimes think that pizza dough can make or break your pizza and in Spike’s case, it definitely made the pie. I also think that even though we got ours for free, the value of the pizza per slice is better and less expensive than the burgers at Good Stuff. Granted, we didn’t try all of the food on the menu, and I’m pretty psyched to try the other items on the menu such as the buffalo wings, gelato, and Italian sodas, all made right there on the premises.

Below are some pictures I took of our fantastic visit:

I love the graphic design on the pizza box and the tagline.

left to right: Sicilian, Sausage, Pepperoni, Spinach-Artichoke

Finished off pizza and tasty beer.

An interior shot of some of the upstairs seating.

The wall by the staircase is decorated is pizza pans of different sizes. I thought this was a really creative and cool form of decoration!

Could this be Chef Spike's iconic Fedora?

Overall, we had a pretty great visit, and I can’t wait to come back for more pizza. It’s nice to know that now Washingtonians have a unique pizza place to opt for other than the commercial options such as Papa Johns and Domino’s. Well done, Chef Spike! I’d give your place more than two thumbs up, if I had more hands…

My Trip To We, The Pizza

20 07 2010

It started off with a not surprising long line during the ever-popular lunch hour. My mom, brother and I got into the line with our game plan set as to what we would order. We’ve been to Good Stuff Eatery before, so we were familiar with the drill. Finally, we ordered. And then things went crazy…

[First off, let me clear things up for you. Apparently, Spike’s latest addition to his comfort food business, is We, The Pizza, a pizza/wings/gelato place right next door to Good Stuff Eatery. The first I had heard about We, The Pizza’s opening was that it would open mid-March. March came and went and We, The Pizza stayed underwraps. And then a sparkle of hope: the pizza place would open last Monday the 12th. I took a few of my friends to We, The Pizza over the weekend and to our surprise we found a sign on the doors saying, “coming soon.” Disappointed, we settled for the always-pleasing food at Good Stuff. That weekend I read an article about how We, The Pizza was delaying their opening due to such and such and would “officially” open on Monday the 19th. (Yesterday.) Today, my mom called me, asking if I’d like to go there for lunch today. Sure. Of course! We got to We, The Pizza, for my second try and still, it wasn’t open. This time however, were some large, fancy posters blocking the entrance, still unopened.

What gives?]

Anyways, my family was not deterred. My brother joked that maybe this was just Spike’s way of getting more business to Good Stuff: all the sad, dejected customers wanting pizza will just have to eat Spike’s tasty burgers and shakes instead. Boo hoo.

So my family and I had all ordered our lunch time deliciousness. We all got the lunch special: a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda. All three of us asked to substitute the soda for a shake, though we knew we would have to pay more. It’s ok, we’ve done that substitution before. When we finished placing our complicated order, a loud fire alarm beeping occurred. I had never experienced a fire alarm in a restaurant and oddly enough, everyone in the packed place, barely seemed to notice. It went on for maybe a minute and finally an employee went over to the alarm and turned it off. That was that. No evacuation, no panic. Weird. The cashier also got our order wrong and charged us for sodas in addition to the shakes we had wanted instead. We tried to get our money back, but instead got money back for all of the drinks: sodas and milkshakes. We were informed that they can not substitute drinks. We got sodas to drink instead.

In the end, we neither got pizza, nor milkshakes. My brother joked that at least we didn’t get a pizza milkshake. Ew. So when will We, The Pizza open? I have no clue, but hopefully it will be soon…

I Love Victoria

13 10 2009

P. 80  10/13/09

No, I don’t love somebody named Victoria. I do however, love the place Victoria, in British Columbia.

Victoria's Government building

Victoria's Government building

There are many reasons why I fell in love with this historic city. These reasons are:

  1. Victoria is a pretty name.
  2. The city has an interesting history as a major port city. I like port cities like Baltimore!
  3. The city is very walk-able and easy to navigate.
  4. Victoria’s got charm.
  5. It’s in Canada, and I love Canada.
  6. The weather is nice year-round: something like an average of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. The city is haunted. I know that for most people this is a bad thing, but I kind of believe in ghosts and I think that it’s pretty cool.
  8. With an abundance of gardens everywhere you look, Victoria is very pretty.
  9. The people we met in Victoria were very friendly.
  10. Victoria has good pizza joints.
  11. Victorian-style (well, duh) architecture is prominent in houses and stores, a style which I am a fan of.
  12. And it’s only a 90 minute ferry ride from the U.S.A!