Lovely Repetition

20 07 2010

Sometimes I am especially fond of songs that rely heavily on repetition of a beat. Some people might assume that this means I like techno music, but actually I do not normally care for that style of music. Rather, I am referring to a constant rhythm and simple string of notes. Like, a phrase or line of music that goes beyond a few measures of repeating. Specifically, what I am referring to doesn’t included any lyrics like it does here.

I first approached this concept when I discussed the original, long version of Death Cab’s, “I Will Possess Your Heart”.

Two more fine examples of what I am trying to illustrate are the two songs below. Maybe you can better hear this such repetition. It’s more than just the repetition; it’s the face that the repetition stays interesting and changes when you don’t expect it to, thus keeping the listener engaged. As a commenter on YouTube wrote for the first video, “…I was dying for a chord change, then it came… and I melted.” Well said.

and here:




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