Re-Teaching Myself To Walk

8 02 2011

I got new shoes! And I just have to blog about them!

Over the weekend I went to Baltimore for my friend Matt’s birthday. On Saturday we took an adventure to the neighborhood of Hampden, a place that deserves to be visited more often. One store that I have paid a few visits to and which is the location of my most recent and epic purchase is Ma Petite Shoes. This quirky store sells every woman’s dream: chocolates and shoes. It may seem like a confusing combination, but their selection of each is very impressive and of a high quality.

On this most recent outing, I was looking to buy a pair of platform shoes, preferably over three inches- for a 1970’s costume I’ve been piecing together. As Matt and I strolled through the store, my eyes caught upon a certain shoe:

These shoes are by the company, Jeffery Campbell and the style is called Bondi. The massive sized wedge immediately caught my attention. This shoe was insane! My friend encouraged me to try it on. Apparently this was the last pair in the store and fortunately, it was in my size.  It was a sign. The shoes were easier to get on than they were to walk in, of course. I took a few steps and to my amazement, I did not fall. The nice saleslady and my friend encouraged me to take my time and walk around the store to get used to these enormous shoes.

There were a few other amazing contenders which I tried on, but my friend kept pressuring me back to the initial pair. I was torn in my decision. I normally wear flat shoes or very low heels, so to go out on a limb and purchase these mammoth heeled shoes would definitely be out of my comfort zone. But then again, you only live once and these shoes were kind of what I had been searching for. Eventually, and after much consideration and thought, I decided to just go ahead and make the purchase. It sure helped that they were 50% off too. When the price was rung up, I was surprised at the price, expecting another digit to be read.

I ended up wearing them out that night (thus ensuring I could not change my mind and return them). I shocked myself and my friends when I wore them, making my height notch in at 6’1″. Just wow. I am still in shock that I made this purchase, but I am glad I have them in my possession. I am looking forward to wearing them for going out and such; just as long as there isn’t a lot of walking involved.

Many of my friends have asked me if and how I can manage to walk in these shoes. I can walk, but I am still practicing. I keep having to remind myself the basics of walking: heel, toe, heel, toe. I admit that it’s absurd that I have to re-teach myself to walk, but for these suckers, it’s worth it. Now I truly know the meaning of having to suffer for fashion, and baby, it’s worth it.




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15 09 2011
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