7 02 2011

This week’s helping of Thoughts From Last Week might seem a little meager for which I apologize. I don’t know why, but apparently last week was not very fruitful in thoughts noteworthy of jotting down. While the quantity may be on the low end, I do have a juicy story relating to yet again how the Metro is a failure. I know that these stories do not come as a surprise, but I feel like they are always and unfortunately entertaining to read.


While I was waiting for a Metro train, I noticed a few sheets of paper floating on the ground towards me. I figured they were some kid’s lost homework and I decided to pick them up. They were heading towards the train tracks which couldn’t have been good. I gathered up two copies of three sheets of carbon paper stuck to each other. I looked at the papers and they had the Metro logo on the. A schedule of train arrivals was listed in a spreadsheet. As I picked up another sheet of paper, I noticed a manilla folder sitting on a bench. The folder was marked something like, “Grosvenor Single Tracking Schedule.” I placed these sheets in that I assumed to be the folder they came from. However, before I saw the folder, a thought crossed my mind to keep this discovery. Up until that point, I had not seen anyone claim this seemingly important information. As I replaced the papers into the folder, a Metro employee came towards me thanking me for the papers’ rescue. Had I not been there, his work papers would surely have been on the train tracks. How could this employee be so irresponsible? Is the Metro really this bad?

When my friend was six years old, she asked for a toy dinosaur, a flashlight, and a Dust Buster. What a weirdo! The cleaning bug must have struck this one at an early age!

I really hope no guy ever proposes to me with a ring- and tickets to the Stanley Cup. That is way too much pressure because what if I’m unsure? If I say no, I’d be turning down the tickets too which is not cool. That would totally give the guy an unfair advantage over me. Plus, what if I say yes only to get the tickets and then change my mind after the game?

My roommates are fishing during the Super Bowl. Fishing. They are playing a virtual fishing game on their phones. How odd!




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