The Evil Shoes

15 09 2011

I don’t know why I never learn my lesson. You’d think that after numerous injuries that were seemingly all linked to one thing- that I would have learned by now to avoid that one thing. But apparently that is not the case… especially when it comes to fashion.

You see, I have this pair of shoes. Said shoes have heels, though they are nothing like these other shoes I own. They are some simple, black, Victorian looking heels. The heels aren’t much to write home about either, maybe a mere 1.5 or 2 inches. But apparently a couple inches are too much for me to handle, because the past few times I have worn these shoes, I have fallen. A simple fall may be ok, but not if it happens repeatedly and not if the falling produces some serious injury. The most recent injury has taken the form of a beautiful, multi-hued bruise on my elbow, roughly the size of a softball. It’s so noticeable, I’m thinking of naming it, sine I feel like it will be around for a while (it’s already been a week).

Last week when I decided to take the shoes out of remission, I knew I would be taking a chance; I just didn’t think I’d be heading for the Danger Zone. Funny thing is- I wasn’t even wearing the Danger Shoes when I fell. But I had them on them on my person. Seems like I have been cursed by these shoes. The evil heels must be out to get me or something. I should probably just get rid of them, though I just can not bring myself to because they are very versatile and long-lasting. I really should get rid of them, but I just can’t.

You know what though? These evil shoes really just remind me of this South Park episode I recently watched.




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