Chuck Close Sighting!

9 02 2011

Last week I spotted a sports celebrity, and last night I had an equally exciting celebrity spotting. I went with my mom to a show opening of David Smith and Phillip Guston at The Phillips Collection in Dupont Circle.

The shows were ok, with the David Smith show being slightly more interesting, only because I simply have never liked Gutson’s work. My mom was sick though, so we decided not to stick around for much longer. We dipped in for some of the free food and drink and then ducked out of the reception.

On our way out, we lingered in the first gallery, looking at a few pieces. A man in a wheelchair followed by two exotic looking women entered the gallery. My mom whispered to me that she thought the man was Chuck Close. Being as how we were in an art museum, I could only assume she was correct.

We watched as the man approached a docent and asked her how to get to the exhibits. After she guided him to an elevator, my mother went over to the docent and asked her if that really was Chuck Close. She replied that it was and that he was speaking at the museum the next night (tonight). Cool! In my paparazzi-habit, I quickly snapped these awful pictures of him getting into the elevator:

As you can see, these pictures are not the best quality. I didn’t want to seem weird, so I had to resort to not using my camera’s flash. Plus, the back of his wheelchair was towards me, so I really couldn’t capture much. However, when I compared what I saw to the following pictures on the internet, my suspicions were confirmed. When I saw this man, he was wearing very distinctive, red and black, small circular rimmed glasses. These glasses were even reminiscent of some of his self-portraits which I remembered. There was no hair on his head, rather, it was on his chin; he had a memorable, white beard.

So it turned out that it was a good thing that my mom was sick and that the show was only so-so. If we had decided to leave at another time, we would not have been able to see Chuck Close in the flesh! I wish I wasn’t so shy and I had went up to him and talked to him. Maybe I could have gotten his autograph. Maybe I could have gotten my picture with him. That would have been awesome. But alas, instead I have pictures of the back of his wheelchair. Nonetheless, I did get to see him in person which was really neat. It’s times like these that I am thankful for living in D.C. and having the connections that I have.




3 responses

5 08 2012

Hi im trying to find the red and black frames glasses he wares, have any ideas ? if you come to find out thanks.

9 08 2012

No clue. Sorry!

17 10 2012

No clue, sorry!

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