Looking For Ladies In Relationships

19 01 2011

Dear readers, please answer the following questions:

  1. Are you female?
  2. Are you in a relationship?
  3. Do you like to go out to bars and have fun?

If you answered, “yes” to all three of these questions, then you are just who I am looking for! You should be quite honored. You see, a while back, I touched upon this matter, but today I am expanding on this discovery of mine.

This past weekend reminded me of this such scenario. I was out with a bunch of my friends, most of which are single. We went to a bar and I found myself mingling with some of the strangers there, one of whom was a very friendly guy. This guy and I had an engaging conversation and I could tell this guy was interested in me. I was pretty elated, since this rarely happens to me.

During my conversation with this guy, one of my single, guy friends walks over. I am still not quite sure why he came over to talk to me, but nonetheless, it was possibly the first ever time I have been “cock-blocked” (as the cool kids like to call it). I was annoyed. I couldn’t really tell my guy friend why I needed him to leave, with this new fellow within earshot, but I couldn’t just ignore him either. I was petrified that this guy friend of mine would appear as a romantic interest of mine, in front of this potential guy.

Nobody likes to get blocked.

Sure enough, after a few minutes wherein I could only imagine this guy was impatiently waiting for me to re-join the conversation, my new friend informed me he was leaving. You can imagine how disappointed I was. This nice guy who seemed rather promising and who was actually interested in me was under the false impression that I wasn’t interested in him. He took my hands in his, shook them, telling me he was very glad to have met me, and was out the bar’s door, into the cold, winter night, in what seemed to be the blink of an eye.

After reflecting on this sad story, I have come to a conclusion. I need more friends to hang out with who are females in relationships (or who can hold their own in a bar, if a friend is pre-occupied). Being around other single girls will just pose as competition. When groups of single girls are on the prowl, this can be intimidating to a lone guy, who would otherwise be interested in talking in a more one-on-one atmosphere. However, the benefit to companionship of ladies who are already taken is that they will not flirt with other guys. They will most likely go out just to have fun and enjoy themselves, not in the hunt for a new male companion. Hanging out with guy friends, is also a big no-no, as it will appear as the two of you are on a date. So basically, I need to go out with stronger females.

Is there anybody out there?




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