Eating Like A Crazy Person

20 01 2011

Back at the start of the month and the new year, I decided to go vegetarian on a whim. It started out as a challenge to myself to see if I could go for a week by eating vegan. But the night I concocted this challenge, I had some cheese, so I decided that going from a typical meat-and-dairy consumer to full-on vegan would be too drastic a change. Instead, I enjoyed my cheese and decided I would become a vegetarian. Back in college, I ate vegetarian for a month, purely by accident, just because there wasn’t anything better to eat.  So this year, my goal is a month, at least. We’ll see how long I can last, basically.

I started on January 2nd, and thus so far haven’t eaten meat for just over two weeks (though I’m still eating seafood and fish because I couldn’t avoid it a few times and it’s kind of the greatest food). It has actually  been tougher than I figured it would be. This is probably because back in college, I was doing the vegetarian thing by accident, and this time much more thinking is involved. That, and when most of your meals are already prepared for you in a dining hall, there is much less thought to it all.

One of the more bizarre images on being a "veg head."

This week however, I am taking it one step further. Starting this past Tuesday, I am trying to go vegan. I wanted to try it before, and since I haven’t really been eating dairy or eggs much anyways, I didn’t think it wouldn’t be much more difficult. I have however, been eating more cereal these days, and with milk. I knew that milk would be the hardest thing for me to not drink. I also kind of refuse to eat anything with soy in it (soy sauce is the rare exception), so soy milk was out of the question. I had read something somewhere about almond milk, which intrigued me, so I picked some up from the local Whole Foods. (I also spotted coconut milk, which I may have to get next time, just because it sounds possibly tasty and exotic.) Almond milk is surprisingly tasty, which pleasantly surprised me.

I got the original flavor.

This whole vegetarian/vegan thing has been quite a challenge, but along with drastically scaling back on carbs (much like the Atkins Diet), I think it’s really helping me to eat better and be more healthy. It’s not like I’m doing this out of sympathy to animals or anything. I have been wanting to eat meat ever since I started this wacky journey. I have been craving chicken wings for months, actually!  But, this new lifestyle is also much cheaper, which I am definitely a fan of. A fuller wallet, and a slimmer body!

Scott Pilgrim teaches us that nobody wants to get caught by the Vegan Police!




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