Married (And Engaged) People Are Fun Too

10 04 2009

The other day I hung out with a friend who is engaged. I hadn’t hung out with her since she had gotten engaged. At first I thought it would be kind of weird to hang out with her since she’d be talking all about her wedding, while here I am, not in a real relationship. I can’t really even grasp being in a long term relationship.

So I went to a hockey game with her and two other friends, both single guys. What I came to discover is that when hanging out with single guys, it is best to also include other girls…who are taken. That way there is no chance of any competition for myself! Ha ha, I know that is kind of cruel to the guys but whatever. I have been in many situations where I have been on the other end, so it’s only fair.

It was even better that my friend kept talking about her upcoming wedding and her fiance. While the conversation was sometimes awkward because nobody else could relate, it was welcoming that the guys I was with knew my friend was “off limits” to flirt with. This either made our group feel more like just a bunch of good friends, and/or it just freed up my “market of potential interest.”

So with this new learned information, I say to all you single people out there, go hang out with your engaged/married friends more often. Go out to a place where you know you can meet other single interested people. Bring your taken friend and have fun! I say thank you to my increasingly growing number of friends who are getting engaged/married. Thank you for being taken.




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