18 01 2011

This week’s edition is a day late, but don’t fret, since I have plenty to make up for lost time. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which meant I had no work and instead opted for a brief trip to Baltimore to visit my friend Matt (who coincidentally, loves seeing his name in my blog). But the holiday weekend proved to be more fun than I had anticipated, as my friends and I stumbled upon a bar on Capitol Hill that was new to us. This hole in the wall has a surprisingly wide variety of beers which aided in my new goal of 50 new beers. But enough of that, let’s get on with the 22nd edition of TFLW!


– My kindergarteners upon seeing all of my rings: “Your man must LOVE you!” Ha, how funny and cute.
– To the tune of, “There is Nothing Like A Dame” (from South Pacific)-

There is nothing like your face. Nothing in the world.
It is really a disgrace… [I couldn’t think up anything else…]

– I want to learn to play the harmonica.
– Woah. Matt Hendricks has a ring tattooed on his left hand. What does it mean???
– Spandex and football is like peanut butter and jelly.
– So I’m in a taxi being rushed to catch a train I won’t be able to make and the driver is on the phone to his family. He’s telling them to lock all their doors at home and to all the cops. … Update: turns out there are two foxes in their yard. Weird.
– There is nothing good about the Metro. (Not like that should be news to anyone.)




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18 01 2011
Matthew Metzger

You damn right I do.

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