A Vegetarian Mix Up

29 12 2011

Every year my co-workers and I are treated to a fancy lunch paid by my boss. It’s something I look forward to every year. We either do it for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays, and today was out annual paid for lunch for the holidays. The small group of the five of us headed over to Gordon Biersch in Chinatown to imbibe in the fancy food and beer that they serve up.

I walk by the restaurant/brewery almost daily and was just talking about the joint with a friend a few weeks ago, so I was pretty pumped. On G.B.’s website, I had noticed a vegetarian menu, which was pretty cool that they were so accommodating. (I’ve decided that for the month of December, and maybe longer, I’m going what I’ve called, Buffalo Wing-aterian; i.e: the only meat I will allow myself to eat are buffalo wings!) But when we got to our seats, I didn’t see the vegetarian menu out, and I was too shy to ask for one, so I figured I could just find something off the normal menu.

It came down to two dishes I was deciding over: lobster or salmon? The idea of a ginger rice seemed delectable, but the lobster would probably be more “lunch-like” and promising. So I went with the “Lobster Burger.” I must not have read the description correctly, because when my food came, I was thoroughly surprised. So surprised even, that when the waiter brought it out, I initially turned it away, since it didn’t look like what I had pictured it being. I should have just turned it back, because what I got ended up being a jumbo beef burger with a few measly pieces of lobster on top. For some reason, I thought I was ordering a lobster sandwich, and it was just called a “burger” for reasons unknown. (Yes, I thought it was odd, when they asked me how I’d like it cooked, but again, I assumed they were referring to the lobster, sort of like how you can get tuna cooked differently. Obviously, I don’t eat out enough. Maybe  I’m not as much a foodie as I had hoped I was.)

My lunch became compromised of the addicting garlic fries.

I was tempted to send it back, but it was my mistake that I misunderstood the menu/didn’t actually read the description, so I delved into the rest of the food on the plate. I eagerly gulped up the few small tidbits of lobster, and then created an odd sandwich of garlic fries, ketchup, lettuce, and tomato on the burger buns. Not the most delicious substitute, but thankfully our appetizer and the delicious beer I had (Hefeweizen) had proved substantial.

When the waiter came to clear our plates, I had to somehow explain that the reason a perfectly good slab of meat was left alone on my plate was because I mistakenly ordered wrong. It was pretty embarrassing but our waiter apologized profusely and offered to get me a crab cake instead. I had already missed the opportunity to send my dish back and had eaten everything else, so I turned down the generous offer. I was also surprisingly full- though maybe I was just overwhelmed with embarrassment. Thankfully, a co-worker offered to take my burger home to her daughter or dog, so the food wasn’t wasted.

I just felt so incredibly silly. I had been looking forward to this paid lunch for months, and when the time came, I basically ended up having a beer, french fries, and two burger buns. That’s not really what I call a meal worth the wait and the money, but at least the beer was especially delicious! I joked that I should have just had beer for lunch and that that would have been cheaper and more promising. Oh well, I guess that means I should just go back and better read the menu next time!


The Walgreens Nationals?!

2 04 2009

My co-worker came into work this morning, showing off his brand new Washington Nationals Metro Smart Trip card which looks like this:


He showed it to another co-worker who made an excellent observation. The “W” of the Washington Nationals’ logo looks almost identical to the “W” in the Walgreens logo:

walgreens_logoExcept for minor tilting and stretching to the initial letter and a bit of a twirl here and a a flourish there with the serif edge on the left of the “W,” the two letters are eerily similar.  So weird. I think it’s great that my co-worker immediately recognized the Nationals’ logo as the Walgreens’ same typeface. It also makes me think about copyright issues. I wonder what the process was to create the “W” Nationals logo. I never really cared for this logo before, and now whenever I see it, I too, will be thinking of Walgreens. Ha!

Stevie Wonder of the X-Men

27 02 2009

Stevie Wonder was at The White House yesterday to receive an award and to give a performance. The event can be seen here: 


My brother and I were watching the special occasion on TV, and I said, “I think Stevie Wonder should take off his sunglasses.” I mean, how bad could his eyes really look? I don’t think we would think any less of him if we saw cock-eyes. Granted, I know his sunglasses do up his cool factor, but still. I’m curious to see him without the shades.


Stevie Wonder at The White House

My brother responded, “Maybe he’s like that character in the X-Men, Cyclops. Maybe if he takes his sunglasses off, he’ll shoot laser beams uncontrollably from his eyes!” Haha. 

There you go, folks. Stevie Wonder is our newest member of the X-Men. And it’s fitting, since he was just in The White House. No, I’m not making fun of his blindness by calling him a mutant. The X-Men are pretty cool! Stevie Wonder would be like, twice as cool if he were an X-Men (which is pretty cool, because he’s already pretty high on the coolness scale!).



Bittersweet 200

6 02 2009

So Alex Ovechkin netted his 200th career goal last night in a lame loss to the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings are at the bottom of their Pacific Division with 51 points. In contrast, the Caps are at the top of the Southeast Division with 70 points. Last night’s 5-4 loss should have been an easy victory for the home team in Washington, D.C. Too bad, they lost…at home…where their at home record this year has been outstanding (21-4-1). Well, it was outstanding, until last night. Ugh.

As for the good news though, Semin scored 15 seconds into the game with his 20th goal of the season, Ovechkin’s goal was unassisted, which is just plain cool, both Mike Green and buddy Brooks Laich had a goal and an assist, and Backstrom got two assists.

And of Alex Ovechkin’s 200th, here are some stats (from the Caps’ website) :

“The goal extended Ovechkin’s league lead to 37 on the season as he chases the 50-goal mark for the third time in his career and tries for back-to-back 60-goal seasons. “

The goal, which was Ovie’s first career goal against the Kings, was a nifty, turnaround wrist shot past goalie, Jonathan Quick (which is a great last name for any hockey player).


Underdog Win for the Wizards

6 01 2009

Apparently I forgot to mention basketball on my sports page originally, so I had to add a bit about how I like the Wizards. Being in that frame of mind, comes the first sports-related post to this blog. (Surprise! And you all thought it would be hockey  related. Actually, I did too.)

So the other night, the Washington Wizards beat the Cleveland Cavaliers with a final score of 80-77. This is blog-worthy for a number of reasons. First of all, this season, the Cavs are in the top 5 teams of the NBA and the Wizards are in the bottom 5 of the league. So it was a great underdog victory! Another reason this game’s result was so great is because both sides of my family are from Cleveland.  My mom’s family who is still living in Cleveland, are huge fans of the Cavaliers. It’s also always nice to brag about a win for my city, since there is a sort of “rivalry” in my family between Washington D.C. and Cleveland, sports teams wise.