27 12 2011

This is the 52nd week I have done “Thoughts From Last Week,” so this should be my one-year anniversary of this CAPSLove installment. But it’s not, as I haven’t kept up with it for 52 consecutive weeks. Instead, this can just act as a faux anniversary. Rather, this is the final TFLW of the 2011 year. It’s been swell y’all. Here goes nothing…


Reasons (pertaining to technology) as to why I could be classified as a Hipster:

  • my TV screen is the same size/smaller than my laptop screen (roughly 15-17″?)
  • not only do I own a VCR, but I use it regularly
  • I also regularly use a portable CD player as a means to listen to music.
  • I recently brought to my apartment, my record player and extensive record collection. While other people are getting iPhones and iPads for the holidays, I’m looking into trying to get my antiquated technology to work.

I’m seeing The Muppet Movie and (so far) I’m the oldest non-parent person in the theatre. Now that takes talent.

I think it’s funny that Christians are celebrating the birthday of a Jew. Because that’s what Christmas is really all about, no?

Why can’t you really say, “Happy Christmas,” but saying “Merry Christmas” is the way to go? Why can Christmas only be merry and not happy? Is ‘happy’ not good enough?

I read the first three chapters of, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and I was surprised how I couldn’t put the book down. I’ve never read the book before, but I feel like if I were to read it in public, I’d have to get a book jacket or something since the book is so controversial.

Best New Years movie ever: The Hudsucker Proxy.

You know, for kids!



Love At No Sight?

23 02 2009

Is it possible to really fall in love with someone even without (ever) meeting them in person? Is it possible to know that it really is love or infatuation even without physically seeing the person? Can photos and a correspondence really be enough information you need to know when you are in love? Or does this just mean that you are in love with an idea of someone? Does the actual, real, physical presence really make that much of a difference as to what love is all about? Or is it just the mind playing tricks on you?

Much of this could be related to the new phenomenon of internet dating. True, the online correspondence is supposed to lead up to an actual physical, meeting in real life. But sometimes you do see those lame commercials on TV where one person describes when they saw the other person’s profile they knew that that person was The One. Can this really be true? Real love via the internet? I’m not totally disregarding the notion, but it is a strange thing to think about.

True, this is “the future” and generations have become so modernized. But whatever happened to real live dating? And meeting people in person? Has the world’s general population somehow managed to grow dumber about love? Man, that would be pretty sad.

But one could argue that having machines do the “hard part” of meeting people for you, is an advance in how we live. Maybe computers and technology are helping us out for the good. Could it be that virtual correspondence and virtual “dating” is helping people learn how to better communicate through words and not actions? For all we know, meeting people through the internet is actually improving our way with language communication.

Shameless Promotion

4 02 2009

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! So I stumbled upon this amazing blog a few weeks ago promoting a nifty website called The creator, Cheru Jackson, claims to  be your average guy, but after reading his blog, you can tell that there’s a lot more to him and his site than just being “average.”

Jackson has invented this site to keep track of blogs being written as they happen in “real time.” If you are cool enough to link your blog to his site, then millions of readers will see when a blog is updated while they are still online. Jackson says that the advantage of this new technology makes it so that if a reader wants to comment on a post or talk to the author, they can do it, immediately corresponding with each other. This works because if a reader sends a comment to someone’s blog right after the article has been posted, then there is a probable chance that the author will still be online, and thus able to receive and reply to the comment. It’s like blogging meets instant messaging.

This invention to the blogging community, helps totally increase viewership and shows you blogs from all over that you might not normally be interested in, having not been constantly updated as to what is new and recent. This is totally something of the future.  Pretty cool idea, isn’t it?