Street Art: “A Visual Gift”

23 12 2011

It seems like Penn Quarter is quietly becoming the new hot spot for street art sightings. It’s surprising because this little neighborhood is always changing its appearance and is currently going through some remodeling in terms of new business coming in. Over the past few weeks, I’ve already seen some pretty cool street art budding along the streets, so it’s cool to see a consistent flow of new pieces popping up.

Today, I’m featuring a piece I saw at the beginning of the week. Drawing on the Postal Service’s address stickers is popular, probably one reason being, because they are a free medium. As I was walking down on 7th St., I couldn’t help noticing this bright design, gracing the side of the future Wagamama. I love the bright colors used and the playful amorphous design shown. The warm colors stand out in these (supposed) colder months. I also like that you can see that this piece was obviously drawn using markers/pens, a very accessible drawing medium, unlike some street art pieces done with spray paint or a printing process. This piece is like a visual gift for the eye, not dealing with any (obvious) message or reference. How delightful!


Hot Pants

15 07 2009

Well it took long enough, but it finally hit me that it’s summer in the city, and it hit me hard. After an extra long break of walking around in the sweltering heat, I practically fainted when I got back to my desk. (My co-workers noticed my evident deathly slump, and I had to apologize for the heat getting to me. Since when did someone have to apologize for the weather? It’s not under my control!)

And maybe it’s no more hot today than it has been the past week, but I’d guess it’s at least 90ºF. And I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret: I have lost my common sense. For some reason I continue to think it’s acceptable to wear pants in July. And yet, I have a number of perfectly fine skirts I could wear to work. (Or at the least, I really don’t have to go outside on my lunch breaks.) Either way, I continue to make bad decisions which are also unhealthy and unsafe. And I hate to admit it, but as much as I keep telling myself every morning as I get dressed for work, that I should not put on those pants, I somehow find myself caught in the dangerous pattern of wearing the comfortable and easy choice of pants.

So today, halfway through my break, I resorted to rolling up my dress pants. I know this is a major fashion faux pax, and really, normally, I would never dare, but I wasn’t at work, and seriously, the heat was just unbearable. So I rolled my gray pants up to look like messed up bermuda shorts (or short capris) and continued to walk around Penn Quarter. By the time I got back to work, I was already comfortable in my doofy new look, so I just kept my pants rolled up. I feel like desperate times call for desperate measures. 

It’s just that I like wearing pants so much. But I’m not anti-shorts. In fact, I’ve been on the long hunt for dress shorts. (Dress pants that stop around the knee and are suitable to wear to work.) I think it’s more that I’m not much of a dress or skirt person. Maybe I should just suck it up and wear the obviously cooler options, anyways. 

Another thing I could do to cool off is to go against my Socks Revolution and actually start wearing sandals to work. I actually recently bought a really cool pair of sandals that look like black flip flops but that also have a heel backing with a bunch of beaded anklets connected. (–It takes the not so great idea of wearing flip flops to work and dresses them up into a more acceptable choice.)

 Maybe tomorrow will be different…