27 12 2011

This is the 52nd week I have done “Thoughts From Last Week,” so this should be my one-year anniversary of this CAPSLove installment. But it’s not, as I haven’t kept up with it for 52 consecutive weeks. Instead, this can just act as a faux anniversary. Rather, this is the final TFLW of the 2011 year. It’s been swell y’all. Here goes nothing…


Reasons (pertaining to technology) as to why I could be classified as a Hipster:

  • my TV screen is the same size/smaller than my laptop screen (roughly 15-17″?)
  • not only do I own a VCR, but I use it regularly
  • I also regularly use a portable CD player as a means to listen to music.
  • I recently brought to my apartment, my record player and extensive record collection. While other people are getting iPhones and iPads for the holidays, I’m looking into trying to get my antiquated technology to work.

I’m seeing The Muppet Movie and (so far) I’m the oldest non-parent person in the theatre. Now that takes talent.

I think it’s funny that Christians are celebrating the birthday of a Jew. Because that’s what Christmas is really all about, no?

Why can’t you really say, “Happy Christmas,” but saying “Merry Christmas” is the way to go? Why can Christmas only be merry and not happy? Is ‘happy’ not good enough?

I read the first three chapters of, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and I was surprised how I couldn’t put the book down. I’ve never read the book before, but I feel like if I were to read it in public, I’d have to get a book jacket or something since the book is so controversial.

Best New Years movie ever: The Hudsucker Proxy.

You know, for kids!



Improving For The New Year

29 09 2011

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. It’s interesting that the Jewish New Year is significantly different than the secular New Year. The secular, calendar new year is celebrated extensively with many parties and revelry. We celebrate time passing, and a new beginning. But the Jewish new year is not approached the same way. There is no drinking, partying, or going crazy. The Jews take the new year pretty seriously. Think of it like the Christians’ Lent. Jews take the holiday to reflect on the last year and think about what they can do in the coming year to be a better person.

It’s interesting to note that both the secular and the Jewish new year are about resolutions, though I’ve found that they are a different breed for each version of the holiday. For the Jewish new year, people are to ponder how they can be better people in their society and community. But secular new years resolutions seem more generic and individual-based. For example, a common resolution one might make on January first, would be to lose weight, or to get a new job. Sure, these are fine things to propose, but they are more focused on the individual. But for the Jewish new year, a good resolution might be to improve your relationship with a family member or to volunteer in your community more often. Those such resolutions could be more meaningful, since they affect a larger group of people, and do not just help yourself.

As I reflect on the differences between the two celebrated new years and the different types of resolutions, it makes me think about how I can better help out my community. I have decided that for my part, I will assist with the homeless people in my neighborhood who I see everyday. (And by blogging about it, it will prove to be a sort of public “contract.”)

A few years ago I knit a scarf of rainbow colors. I didn’t have anyone in mind to give the scarf to; I just wanted to use the yarn I had. Towards the end of my knitting, I decided it would be nice to give it to one of the homeless people I frequently see. There are specifically two homeless people who I see daily at the Friendship Heights Metro. A woman who dresses in all white and a man.I have one scarf and two people to help. At first I thought I could give the rainbow scarf to the woman, but since it isn’t white, I’m not sure she would want it. So I have decided that the rainbow scarf will go to the man. After I finish that scarf, I want to make a white scarf to give to the woman.

I feel like this would be a wonderful way to improve not only myself, but also my community. It’s also conveniently the time of year where the weather starts to think about getting colder. So hopefully by the time the two scarves are completed, they will be especially useful and welcomed. While I am concerned that these two homeless people could move away or fall ill, thus creating an unpredictable timeline for myself, I like to think that my intentions are the most important part of this venture.


10 01 2011

Last week proved to be a week full of New Years resolutions and changes of heart. A fresh beginning, if you will. On Sunday January 2nd, I decided to go vegetarian for as long as I could (Still going strong, though I decided I couldn’t live without fish/seafood). I also decided to limit my carbs. I was going to lose weight, gosh darn it! In another effort to change my lifestyle, I decided to start regularly hitting up the gym in my apartment building with my friend. This week also brought about some apparently obvious (by what is shown below) feelings I developed about the dating scene. This past week was about change!


One of my resolutions this year is to text less and talk on the phone more. I strive to use phones more often for their original intended purpose. I don’t care that so many of my friends feel differently.

“Expectations are disappointments under construction.” – the TV show apparently about my life, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys”

OMG There was an old lady in the gym who I swear wasn’t wearing any pants -just a really long t-shirt.

“Sex For Dinner.” -What I perceive most guys want to do on a date. This could also be a fantastic name for a (dating) blog or book.

New Years Resolution: Have fewer jerks in my life. Guess I would rather be single than be hopeful that at least I’m dating someone- even if they are a jerk. Cue this song:

After exercising at the gym a couple of times, I have concluded the following: the first 15 minutes are the hardest, the next 30 are fine, but it’s the last 15 minutes that makes you feel great. …I LOVE the feeling you get after working out.

Song of the Weekend:

My brother was being bitter around me and my family because he was having troubles with his girlfriend. When I expressed my dissatisfaction with his mood, he said something like, “You would know about this if you were in a relationship.” Ouch. That is a harsh, low blow. A LOW blow.

Beer Resolutions

4 01 2011

Last year, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to try 20 new beers. Unaware that 20 was actually a pretty simple goal to achieve, I actually surpassed it and drank my way to a whopping 73 new brews. I initially thought that I would blog about each new beer in this blog, but after mentioning the first in a post, I gave that notion up. (Although, that would make for a pretty good blog all by itself.)

Out of the 73 beers I tried, there were 14 beers that I were especially fond of. Thanks to my record keeping from last year, I can transcribe those exceptional beverages to CAPSLove now. Below is the list of the best beers I tasted in 2010:

  1. Southhampton Double White
  2. Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA
  3. Well’s Banana Bread Beer
  4. Starr Hill Lucy Spring Ale
  5. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
  6. Leinie’s Summer Shandy
  7. Dogfish Punkin Ale
  8. Backdraft Brown
  9. Flying Dog Coffee Stout
  10. Saranac Adirondack Lager
  11. Post Road Pumpkin Ale
  12. Pilsner Urquell
  13. Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale
  14. Flying Dog Single Hop IPA

From last year’s drinking I have come to some new and exciting knowledge. It seems that I have yet to drink a beer from the Maryland-based, Flying Dog Brewery that I did not like. So good job for Maryland for being an awesome state yet again. (Also, the brewery is very pro-Hunter S. Thompson, an amazing writer who I love.)

Unfortunately though, not every beer I tried was good. But this has to be expected, when you’re experimenting so much. The award for worst beer of 2010 goes to hands down, Old Chub – Scottish Ale.  This canned number was initially purchased for it’s surprisingly high 8.5% alc./vol. and was consumed at my birthday party at Capitol Hill’s pleasant dive, Pour House. It smelled of trash and tasted nasty. Even the bartender confessed to not hearing many good things about the beer. It’s pretty sad though, since “Old Chub” is a pretty great name, and I do love all things Scotland. Too bad I had to learn the hard way.

In 2011 one of my resolutions is to drink 50 new beers. I feel like this is actually a decent challenge, since I already have added over 70 new beers to my repertoire. This resolution to continue to expand my palette of beers has been not only obviously fun, but also pretty knowledgeable. I am all for learning (about food and drink) in an enjoyable way, and drinking beer is indeed a good time.




3 01 2011

Today I bring you the New Year’s edition of Thoughts From Last Week (or so). I’ve been gone all this past week on vacation, so this week’s post is a collection of my New Year’s thoughts. [While there may be a couple thoughts from my vacation,] they are basically from New Year’s Eve (in which I ventured to the Ottobar in Baltimore) and New Year’s Day (when I watched the fabulous NHL Winter Classic with the epic matchup of the Caps vs. the Pens). Happy New Year’s, y’all!


“I lost 13 lbs. in six days. A new record. Time to hit the (airport’s) full body scanners! Woo boy!”

“Well, we’re doing an evacuation drill [on the cruise boat] and the staff are handing out life preserver vests. When my family and I asked for them, we were told we didn’t need them. This should be interesting…”

“Jesus was bi. Spread the rumor and the love.”

“I am f*ing listening to a song that goes, ‘take your clothes off’ and ‘get naked!‘ Just wow.”

“There is no such thing as a G6. There just isn’t.”

“The Pens’ coach has such a dapper hat on. What is that all about?!?”

“The Greatest Pizza Invention: discuss. Little bro says deep dish. My dad says home delivery. Other brother says the pizza cutter. My mom says cooking on a stone. I say square shaped pizza.”

“The McDonalds logo is on the Caps (and Pens?) penalty box: ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ Really McDonalds? You love the penalties? You care that much about hockey penalties? Doubtful.”

“I had a depressive quarter life crisis talk with my dad tonight about what I can do to make me happier and he suggested the notion of a boyfriend. I replied that it’s easier said than done. Boy, howdy, if he only knew about my trials and tribulations!”

“Some people have New Year’s Resolutions that they can never seem to accomplish and that keep getting repeated year after year. The most common example is that most people aim to lose weight. My repeated resolution has been to get a boyfriend. How depressing.”

Pre-Emptive 2011 New Year’s Resolution

23 11 2010

While I realize I still have another month and then some until it’s really New Years, I have still been thinking about some things I would like to achieve in the next year. Some resolutions, if you will. Currently I can only think of two resolutions, both of which are pretty lofty. The one of which I am focusing on today is that I want to travel. I aim to go to some specific places next year. Most of this traveling is in our wonderful U.S. of A.

Specifically, I aim to travel to the southern regions of our country. I have already bought a plane ticket to go to Florida (Disney World, here I come!), so I can for sure achieve my goal of going to see my friend in Florida. There are two other places I have been wanting to travel to recently. After the amazing movie, “The Princess and the Frog” came out last year, I’ve been hankering to go back to New Orleans. I went there a week or two before Hurricane Katrina hit, and the experience was very fun and memorable. The other place I have been wanting to travel to is Los Angeles. On my list of places to travel to in the USA, this is the place I would most like to visit. I have never been to L.A. and with my keen interest in celebrities, and fondness for doing junky, tourist activities, I feel like L.A. is right up my alley.

Other possible trip ideas include Texas, Nashville, and New York City. My best friend is also planning on moving back to MD/DC from Tacoma, Washington (state), so another cross-country might be in my future. That would be awesome. I love road trips.

Click here for a larger view. This image is pretty fantastic.

So I’m pretty excited about the possibility of traveling so much next year. I think that by making traveling such a priority in my life and marking it as a resolution, there will be a greater chance I will actually pursue it. Hopefully this resolution won’t fizzle and lose steam before the new year has even begun. Boy, would that be ironic and disappointing. But like I mentioned, with one trip’s ticket purchase already complete, that motivation should carry me through successfully. Here’s to 2011: a year of travel!



5 01 2010

Every new year brings new resolutions, and I would like to share some of my own. This is the year of fun and totally doable resolutions. No longer will my resolutions be bogus attempts at things I won’t actually want to do.

My number one resolution is to try 20 new beers. Perhaps I will blog about each new beer, or maybe just some of the better ones. I think it is a goal I can meet and that I will be looking forward to accomplishing. If I can do more than 20 beers, that would be great too, and with nearby bars such as RFD’s, The Brickskeller, Pizza Paradiso and ChurchKey, which boast an enormous beer selection, I am looking forward to all the possibilities! (p.s: check out that last link… it’s amazing.)

My number two resolution focuses on my blog. Last year, I was very proud to get in a blog post for basically every work day and then some. My goal was to blog every weekday (excluding holidays and vacations), and even then, I was still able to post multiple posts on some days and sometimes even on weekdays. My blog became a major priority in my life, since I was determined not to become one of the bloggers who starts up a blog, only then to become too busy or distracted to keep up with it.

However, with blogging practically day, it seemed to even cause me to make not ideal decisions. I know I always say that “bad decisions are the spice of life” but when blogging causes me to do things such as staying extra late at work, in order to get a blog post written, or to blindly sacrifice things like work, instead of the more favorable blogging; I knew things should probably change.

I still aim to blog everyday, but if it’s getting too late at work, or I have more important things to do with my life (yeah right!), I’m not necessarily going to go to extra lengths to get a blog post written. This is not to say that you should stop checking in on my blog everyday. But like the folks at Cake Wrecks were also saying, I don’t want to risk quantity over quality. I hope you understand.

So with that being said, I must get back to work! Happy New Year!