Street Art: “A Visual Gift”

23 12 2011

It seems like Penn Quarter is quietly becoming the new hot spot for street art sightings. It’s surprising because this little neighborhood is always changing its appearance and is currently going through some remodeling in terms of new business coming in. Over the past few weeks, I’ve already seen some pretty cool street art budding along the streets, so it’s cool to see a consistent flow of new pieces popping up.

Today, I’m featuring a piece I saw at the beginning of the week. Drawing on the Postal Service’s address stickers is popular, probably one reason being, because they are a free medium. As I was walking down on 7th St., I couldn’t help noticing this bright design, gracing the side of the future Wagamama. I love the bright colors used and the playful amorphous design shown. The warm colors stand out in these (supposed) colder months. I also like that you can see that this piece was obviously drawn using markers/pens, a very accessible drawing medium, unlike some street art pieces done with spray paint or a printing process. This piece is like a visual gift for the eye, not dealing with any (obvious) message or reference. How delightful!


Photo Outline Drawing: Uncle Lucius

10 11 2011

I’m still reeling from Tuesday night’s concert of Uncle Lucius so today’s post is on that same topic. I’ve been listening to the two CD’s I have of the band, but sadly, the live album I have of theirs keeps skipping and is all scratchy sounding. I need to look into getting the disc cleaned, because it seems like I’ve listened to it so much that it’s breaking down! I’ll keep it of course though; that’s the disc I got the band to sign!

Anyways, below is another one of my “photo outline drawings.” This time it’s done of the band’s photo that they’ve got plastered to the band’s web site. I switched things up a little bit with this piece. I decided to opt out of doing faces, and mainly just keep the body outlines. I also actually had some fun drawing in the speakers and such behind them. The drawing I did didn’t initially include the background, but I like the added visual rhythm that it contributes to the composition. I think the drawing is pretty successful because you can tell who each band member is, even with minimal representation.

Outline Drawings Part 2

3 04 2009

I have made a number of these Photo Outline Drawings since my last post about starting them. Let’s see if you can figure out what celebrity this one is of!


Photo Outline Drawings

9 03 2009

So my latest artsy thrill, has been doing what I call, Photo Outline Drawings. To put it simply enough, I take a photo of someone (so far I have only doing pictures of males) and put the photo in Photoshop. I make a new layer and simply, trace the image in the new layer. I’ve been using one color, and a fairly small brush size. The end result is pretty nifty looking. It’s fun and doesn’t take much time either. The main challenge I have been encountering is to actually make the drawing look like the person. It’s a pretty simple and minimalistic drawing, so the lines have to have enough character to properly represent the individual. Below is an example of one drawing I did of President Obama. I also experimented with some shading in another version below…

obama_1-outline-drawing      obama_2-outline-drawing