Jimi Hendrix Is Black And Dead

29 08 2011

It’s really a shame what our world is coming to. It’s the 21st century and an educated early 20-something year old can’t apparently identify who is and who is not Jimi Hendrix. What is happening to our youth?! Let’s begin with the basics. This is Jimi Hendrix:

As you can see, Jimi Hendrix has a pretty memorable physical appearance. If you want even more details on who he is, check this fantastic website out. In addition to being a pretty big Hendrix fan, I was pretty speechless when I heard a friend of mine mistake a completely different person for being Jimi Hendrix.

Many of you may have watched MTV’s Video Music Award show (VMA’s) last night. As I’m sure you remembered, the program opened with Lady Gaga performing her latest hit, “You and I” (watch it here). It probably came as a surprise to many that Lady Gaga was actually cross-dressed as her “male persona,” Jo Calderone, but it came as even more of a shock when it was the guitarist who joined her mid-song was the wrongly identified person.

Lady Gaga with Brian May of Queen

I admit I didn’t hear the announcement of who this mystery guitarist was (turns out it was Brian May from the 80s rock band, Queen) when he came out to jam with “Jo.” My friend however, commented that she thought that was Jimi Hendrix. I got shivers. Are you kidding me?! Apparently she was not. Since I was seriously speechless, another friend chimed in that actually Jimi Hendrix was black… and dead, no less. I could not believe the lesson I was hearing. Who doesn’t know who Jimi Hendrix is? Completely shocking, I tell you.