A New Beginning!

3 01 2012

Hi everyone! I’m moving headquarters to a new blog site. This is the official head’s up! The new site is still under construction but have no fear, it will simply be a continuation of CAPSLove. It may look slightly different, but the content will remain the same. Frankly, I’m giving CAPSLove a facelift because I loved blogging too much! (Or, because I had run out of space to do cool things like embed videos and I didn’t want to pay for a space upgrade.) But don’t you worry, I plan on linking to this site frequently, so ideally what shall be known as CAPSLove’s First Installment will not be forgotten or unseen.

I’m still working out a few kinks including the new blog’s name and URL address, but everyone get ready because big things are happening this year! I just didn’t want to start things off with an un-finished blog. So have no fear, I”ll let everyone know where they can continue to follow CAPSLove just as soon as it’s all in order. See you in the new blog!


Restricted Blogging Areas

12 07 2011

I blog about many different things; six or more specific topics, to be exact (Celebrities, Arts, general Ponderings, Sports, Love, the DC Metro, and Food/Drink). With so many topics to cover, many people have asked me what I will not write about as a blogger. Sure, I’ve got a lot of ground to cover on this blog, but there are still some topics I will rule as off-limits.

Some things are best left off-limits.

First off, there’s the touchy subject of dating. Yes, I frequently touch upon relationships and such, but notice how I have rarely detailed my accounts of specific guys of whom I’ve met. Sure, there are plenty of bloggers out there who enjoy recounting every detail of every (failed) date and so forth. And while I’ve considering using anonymous nick names to describe these such men-folk, I have decided against it. Too many people read this who know me and I wouldn’t want the wrong information getting spread around about myself. It’s not really something I want being visible to future suitors. So instead, when I feel the need to communicate a certain issue with a certain guy in my life, I instead turn it around as a general topic for discussion.

Another subject I will not blog about is any type of negative relationship I might have with another person. For a similar reason to the above off-limits subject, I don’t want rumors being spread about me and whoever else is involved in my life. Some things are best left off the radar for the public to get involved in. Sure, it may be difficult to stay away from ranting about certain people upsetting or frustrating me, but I know that the internet is a big place and if the subject of my post sees something negative written about them, then that can’t lead to good things.

After watching the movie, “Julie/Julia,” I have decided to best and avoid blogging about work and my job. I won’t give anything away, but there’s a part of that movie, where the main character writes about her job, and her boss finds out and it’s not a good thing. I’m not sure if my co-workers have ever stumbled upon my blog (I doubt it), but I don’t want them to find out that this is me. It’s not like I write anything that incriminating on here, but you never know. Plus, my work life is none of your business. Ha.

Basically, I won’t write about anything too personal or too revealing. I know a few people who have blogs and write about subjects that are pretty personal. It may work fine for them, but I’d like to be able to get away with writing as much as I can about what interests me, without revealing my true identity. It’s seemed to work fine for me so far, and you’ve been a fantastic audience, in reading my blog without asking for much more about who I really am.

I'm not the only one who might want to preserve my true identity...

The Four Types of CAPSLove Readers

18 04 2011

It has recently come to my attention that there are people out there who are actually coming to CAPSLove to read what I have to say. Sure, the statistics say that I have had over 100,000 people visit my blog, but for some reason, I never imagined those views were anything more than being brought here for a certain picture of Alex Ovechkin shirtless or the latest on whether Brooks Laich has a girlfriend. So today’s post is all about you, the readers, which whom without, this blog would possibly be the same, although definitely less awesome. And let’s be honest, I do this for you.

From what I can surmise, there are four main types of readers in the CAPSLove audience out there: The Mistake, The Obeyer, The Casual Reader, and The Dedicated Fan. Perhaps this post will help you figure out where you lie in the CAPSLove spectrum of blog follow (and fellow)ship.

First is The Mistake. The Mistake happens upon my blog by accident, as I pointed out above. The Mistake can actually make up a lot of my blog’s viewers, even if it may not be for the right reasons. For example, a while ago I wrote a silly post on an animal that was new to me. For unexplained reasons of the internet, this post shot my blog’s viewership up, beyond anything I could reasonably imagine. I am fine with The Mistake, but as you can imagine, it’s not the ideal type of person I’d prefer to visit this site.

Next up is The Obeyer. The Obeyer, will read my blog only when being told so. Many times I will write a post about a specific person* or for a certain target audience and will recommend that certain people read that blog post. These people will then read that blog post and then go on with their lives. They will only read my blog when they are told, and no other times.

*A subset of the Obeyer, is the Attention Seeker. An Attention Seeker will only read posts on CAPSLove when they are written about themselves. To note, this doesn’t occur very frequently, as I have only really written about one person, Matt. This is not to say however, that I am not open to writing about other people I know. (This post is actually inspired by a certain other guy named Matt, from kickball who came over to me yesterday to tell me that he reads my blog “all the time,” as he put it. Not only was I actually surprised that this guy I barely knew was such an active reader, but it was also a major compliment, which surprised me especially since he kept filling my ears with insults the rest of the day. Thanks a lot!) Hopefully my blog does more than attract guys named Matt!

The last two types of readers are more simple and self-explanatory. The Casual Reader my be a follower of CAPSLove, but does not come to the site on a daily basis. Sure, they may see links to the articles posted in emails or on facebook, but that doesn’t mean they come to this site every day. The Casual Reader however, is still interested in what is posted and keeps coming back for more.

The Dedicated Fan might be the most rare form of reader for my blog. Yet, this could also be a frequent type of reader that I am just not aware of. One of the problems with having a fairly silent audience who doesn’t always reply to my posts, is that it is difficult to see who my audience really is. The Dedicated Fan will have my blog on their RSS Feed and will be constantly updated about my new posts. The Dedicated Fan will check my blog pretty much daily and enjoy reading my posts and in general, make me feel good about continuing this blog.

So, as you can see, there a quite a number of different types of people in the CAPSLove viewer audience. Hopefully now you can place yourself within a category. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. That would be a shame. So until next time, thanks for your time. I look forward to having you come back!

Blog Changes

15 02 2011

I’ve been thinking about changing the format to the Song Of The Week page on CAPSLove. When you visit this section, you are greeted with a possibly intimidatingly too-long stream of one YouTube video after another. It’s a little ridiculous looking.

So I’m considering a new look for this page. I’m thinking of just listing the links to YouTube, instead of showing the actual and cumbersome video box. This change would help to increase room on the page, free up your mind, and to just clear the area. Perhaps I’ll keep up an ever-changing rotation of the video boxes for the month we’re in. (Or maybe that is too much work?)

I’m still not sure what direction I’m going to take the page, but I do know that it’s getting to be a little overwhelming to look at. Plus, many of the music videos these days, have links that don’t transfer to other sites in a video box form. So a simple link could be more direct. Any way I take the page, this is just a head’s up to look out for coming changes in the future.

Favorite Posts of 2010: Part 4

31 12 2010

So here we are, in the last installment of The Best Of 2010. Thank You for sticking with CAPSLove in these last few days of the year. I really appreciate it. Today we’re covering the end of the year, with the months October, November, and December. So off we go into the wild, blue yonder!

October was a fruitful month, with the countdown to Halloween among many highlights. But one of the real highlights came in a post I wrote upon the beginning of the Caps season. This post welcomed a few new players to the team. Many people liked this post, which I thought was pretty neat.

Another memorable few days came when I directly observed the filming of a pretty epic movie in our nation’s capital. True, I may not know much about the movie, but it sure caused a lot of stir for a week or so when the cast and crew were in town.

November brought upon much excitement as I began my journey to connect with a celebrity. This time, it was not just another celebrity stalking case of mine. This time, it was personal!

That month, I wrote another one of my favorite posts of the year, though this time it was in more of an educational tone. In this post I was able to express myself through my college studies. I felt this post was especially fabulous because it showed off my smarts in what I studied for my minor in school. It was like a mini-paper I would have written for a class.

And last but not least, was this month of December. While I realize this month is not over… yet, I feel like I can still recount a couple of highlights. First off is the monumental post in which I finally got around to learning something new. Something I had vowed to learn as a new year’s resolution for this past year. It was about time, too!

And finally, I review a fantastic film that I had been itching to see for a long time. But this wasn’t just any ordinary review. I wrote this as a comparison to one of the best rides I’ve ever been on at an amusement park. I am very proud of this post as it displays the magnificent writing skills I have developed while working on this blog.

So there you have it. The best moments of 2010 at CAPSLove. Thank you for sticking with me to the end of the year, and I look forward to entertaining you in the coming year of 2011. So have a wonderful and happy New Year’s. You’ve been a swell audience. And in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Favorite Posts of 2010: Part 3

30 12 2010

Well, we’re more than half-way through the great year of 2010. So let’s continue our review of my top blog post picks of this year. Today we’re covering July, August, and September: the summer months. While D.C. may not boast having the most pleasant summers, I’m sure it did spawn some pretty fabulous posts for CAPSLove. So let’s delve in…

July seems to have been a good month of blogging for me, as it is difficult to chose just two of the greatest posts from that month. But, I have to highlight a major event of technology for me. I was introduced to something that I have been missing out on for a long time, and I welcomed this change.

This was also the month a very long-awaited restaurant finally opened its doors to the public. I went, I saw, I conquered, and I enjoyed. If you have yet to go to this celebrity chef’s joint, you should go. Now.

August 24th was the first day I started a now pretty popular weekly series in CAPSLove. That was the memorable day that started it all. My, how we’ve grown since then.

How could I forget this gem of a post! This post is where I detailed out the best way to play (and win) at a popular drinking game. I shared my valuable knowledge to all who either can just not get the hang of it or who need to brush up and review their skills. I like to think that this was one of my better posts of the year, of only for it’s self-help value.

In September I took a surprisingly memorable trip down south and recapped with a post about certain food groups that us East Coasters may not be familiar with. This trip changed my life. And this post made me hungry.

This month I also got the unfortunate opportunity to explore the inner workings of a DC Public Transportation system, or at least part of it. This was a pretty awful experience and while the post gets a little lengthy, it’s worth the read.

So, tomorrow is the final recap of the year. I hope you’ve been enjoying this review. Stay in your seats and buckle up! We’re not done yet!

Favorite Posts of 2010 Part 2

29 12 2010

Isn’t this fun? Reviewing my blog posts from this past year sure is a pleasure. Yesterday we covered some highlights from the first few months of this year. So today I’m bringing you The Best Of 2010 Part Dos: April through June. The spring was upon us and the Caps were done with the playoffs.

April actually had my favorite blog post I have yet to write. That’s right. My favorite. The BEST yet. It had plenty of good pictures, wasn’t too wordy, and a lot of people commented on it. It was genuine, Grade A CAPSLove.

And then there was my worst day of the year. Talk about extremes that month! That day I almost lost my job and was generally in an awful mood. But hey- you all know about it now, thanks to this blog!

And then came the month of May. And I fell in love. In May I discovered my new musician obsession. These don’t come around very often, so this was a monumental occasion of infatuation.

May also brought one of my all-time favorite posts of the year. In that post, I explored a song that basically everyone knows. But I played DJ and discovered a ton of amazing versions of this classic.

In June, I played my best ever game of kickball. I know this doesn’t say much for most people, since adult kickball leagues tend to focus on drinking copious amounts of alcohol and hooking up, but there is still a reason it’s called Kickball.

I also somehow managed to find a pretty cool music video which happens to be a scene from a movie I’ve never seen before. This movie really intrigued me and I still want to see it, and have yet to. But the music video clip is pretty great and I explain why.

Tomorrow we cover July, August, and September! It’s the end of summer and there are sure to be some valuable gems in there. So don’t touch that dial!