The “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day: Holiday Edition

22 12 2011

It’s another much needed edition of the “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day. I don’t know about you folk, but I like to think of this as a sort of “therapy” for my life. What do you have to turn to when your friends are all getting married/pregnant/dating/etc? Why, you turn to CAPSLove of course, for your next helping of songs that have nothing to do with all of that. Because let’s face it, some of the best music has nothing to do with love, and that’s how I like it.

One of the only good things about the various winter holiday music is that it rarely has anything to do with love. Maybe it’s a wholesome kind of “everyone should love one another” love, but I don’t necessarily include that in the love songs genre. A song about a reindeer with a red nose has nothing to do with love. As song about a spinning top that is made out of clay also has nothing to do with love. So as much as I may not prefer to hear the never-ending melodies this time of year that help to celebrate the winter-time holidays, it could be worse. They could be love songs.

So here are some of the best versions of Non-Love Songs that relate to the holidays. First up is “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” by none other than one of my favorite groups, The Temptations. I love this version: it’s got soul, it’s got funk, and it’s something you can dance to, rather than hear some squeaky kids sing. This cover should be substituted for every other version you will hear on the radio. It’s great.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Pudge.

Next up is probably the greatest version of “I Have A Little Dreidel” that has ever been done. This song is done to the tune of, “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me,” and because I know you just won’t believe it, you should definitely give it a listen. I love that these are two completely different songs, but that someone figured out how to get them to work together. This song too, has soul and it’s unique and I’m pretty sure that from now on, this is the tune to which I will sing the well-known song.

Wow, this is bad.

So next time you decide to listen to your favorite non-denominational holiday music, I advise you to choose wisely and pick a song that has nothing to do with love. Sure, it might not be difficult, but those love songs can hide well amongst the holiday cheer. No thanks, lovey dovey songs, I’m fine rocking out to the rest of the mix!


The Least Popular Man On The Caps

21 12 2011

Many of the players on the Washington Capitals are well loved and pretty popular among the fans. Some of the most popular guys seem to be Alex Ovechkin, Mike Green, Brooks Laich, Mike Knuble, Nicklas Backstrom, and the dynamic duo of John Carlson + Karl Alzner. I think it’s great that there are so many popular Caps players on the team, and that’s just naming a few. But here’s a question for you: which current Caps player is the least likeable/has the smallest fan base?

Now don’t get me wrong- I love all of the Capitals. But many people can see that fans flock to the coolest guy, the best player, the newest face, the most crazy personality. It’s no secret that attracting fans is something of a silly popularity contest. It shouldn’t be, but let’s face it- at least in the professional sports world, that’s how things tend to work.

I’m pretty sure that at one point the least interesting man on the team was D.J. King (a.k.a: my former favorite Cap). But tough guy King doesn’t play with the Caps anymore, so he’s out of the running. So instead, I’m nominating the following four (and still awesome) Caps players for the Least Popular Man On The Team. Maybe this will get the word out that these guys need a growing fan base too!

Troy Brouwer

First up is Troy Brouwer. Sure, he might be scoring goals this year, but this new face to the team, hasn’t seemed to get many fans this season. This 26 year old’s beady eyes and itty bitty teeth may not be what many fans find glorious to look at, but if we can all just look past this guy’s piercing physique, I think we can all agree that Brouwer’s crashing hits and sneaky goals are what really matters to the Caps team.

Joel Ward

Joel Ward seems to be left out of everyone’s list of cool players on the team. I don’t know what it is about this 31 year old, but he strikes me as the strong, silent type. Perhaps it’s the Western Conference (Ward’s former home) that the Caps don’t play much against, that adds to this guy’s mystery. I’m not even going to say his lack of popularity if because he’s one of the few black players, because Donald Brashear was hugely popular when he played in D.C., so that hypothesis is out of the question. Come on now, Joel’s worth another shot.

Roman Hamrlik

This third guy is also new to the Caps for the 2011-12 season. Roman Hamrlik is the second oldest on the Caps team (falling by two years to Knuble) at 37. I’m going to guess that Roman’s age is what’s keeping fans from being attracted to him, but frankly that’s just agism right there and it shouldn’t be decided like that. I’m hoping Roman will get more ice time because maybe all he needs is more exposure.

Jeff Schultz

I hate to admit this, but it kind of took me a while to find a good picture of Schultzy. (Thanks, Scarlet Caps!) Schultz’s lack of popularity on the team is kind of odd, since he’s been with the team for a while. Yet, for some reason, he doesn’t seem to garner many fans. “Double Nickel” (as he’s sometimes referred to, for his number is 55) is the Caps’ tallest player coming in at 6’6″ and is a pretty consistent defenseman. This 25 year old is still young and building his hockey career, but I think more fans need to take a second look at this tall glass of water.

So those four men are my nominations for player who needs to come out at the end with “Most Improved” in the team’s popularity contest. It’s sad, I know, but it’s also kind of true. I think D.C.’s fans really need to branch out and learn about some of the quieter, lesser-known guys on the team! I hope this posting will get the word out that there are some other Caps guys who need some lovin’ too!

I’m Sorry- I’m Not Going To Apologize

20 12 2011

I’m having the following absolutely insane conversation with a friend right now. Because it is one of the most absurd conversations, I am more than pleased to share it. My friends are crazy.

Matt: Like seriously are we done? You didn’t even call me back.
Me: No, I’ve been crazy busy. What! I texted and called you last night.
Matt: Well you can crazy-busy it right out of my life.
Me: That’s ok. I don’t need to do xmas with your family anyways.
Matt: I thought it was implied that you were uninvited.
Me: Ok. Your loss.
Matt: Your loss.
. . . . .
Matt: Well, are you going to apologize? Or are we just gonna sit in this awkward silence?
Me: …I should apologize for what? For calling you back and being busy?
Matt: it’s called saying, “I’m sorry.”
Me: I know. But what should I be sorry for?
Matt: Just be sorry for once in your life.
Me: For the sake of being sorry? I don’t think it works that way.
Matt: You know what you did and so does Jesus.
Me: No. I know that you’re a drama queen, but here’s what I’ll do for you-
I’m sorry Matt, but I’m not going to say “sorry” for something I didn’t do. Saying sorry for the sake of saying sorry doesn’t work. Sorry!
 Matt: That’s all you had to say.
Is that not the most ridiculous conversation you’ve ever read? I know it is for me. And the fact that my friend even accepted my non-apology as an apology just takes the cake. It is as if my friend was only interested in seeing me say the word, “sorry;” but not to actually use its meaning. Seriously, what a weird concept!


19 12 2011

Sorry for the short edition this week but apparently when I start my work rather late in the day, my blogging just gets pushed further as well. But I figured that something short and sweet would be better than nothing at all. So below are some Hipsters/Metro/Pokemon-inspired Thoughts From Last Week. If I didn’t know better (I don’t), I’d day that that is a pretty fantastic combination right there! Enjoy!


Hipsters might be living in and migrating to Columbia Heights, but they’re hanging out in the area they originated in D.C: Chinatown.

If it’s a debate over which most customers prefer: a Metro train stalling on the tracks while waiting for a train in front of it to leave the station versus inching forward and then stopping abruptly every few seconds, I’m sure everyone would prefer the former.

Everyone always complains about how Dupont Circle has the longest Metro escalator, but I think Rosslyn’s is longer.

Omg they’re playing a song from the Pokemon movie soundtrack at the bar I’m at for kickball and I LOVE that I recognized it from that!

Street Art: Janky, Batman, and I Rock

16 12 2011

It’s Street Art Friday! And I have some pretty amazing samples of street art and graffiti to share with you this week. Today’s posting is unique because it features three very different styles of street art, but all of which are pretty rad. They can’t get much more different: we have stickers, a flier, and paint as for mediums. Styles range from the comic book-looking to the child-like hand drawings. The only thing tying these all together is that all three images use only a black and white color palette. Let’s take a look-see, shall we?

First are a couple of stickers by an artist I assume is named “JANKY.” (Hi back!) These pieces speak playful messages to the viewer and are very self-aware of themselves. The first, “JANKY made me” depicts a young figure that is slightly androgynous-looking. The figure has their wrists bound together and is shown in an awkward position. The second figure is simply wearing a large puffy jacket and holding a sign. The comic-book stylings of these figures stand out to the viewer and work well with the combination of the bold lettering.

Next up is a simple flier with a humorous but simple message. We see the well known figure of Batman, with the text, “Believe in me plz,” implying to the viewer that Batman isn’t a real person. But even though the popular super hero may not be accepted as being real or successful (the question of whether we should “believe” is not specific in to what it is referring to), he is petitioning for himself to be recognized. The child-like drawing and abbreviated spelling/text-speak immediately grabbed my attention: I wanted to know what this flier was from and who created it.

So while the first two photos were taken last Saturday in Friendship Heights, I can’t remember the exact location of this third image. On the back of this stop sign we see a number of different tags, stickers, and drawings, but my absolute favorite is the graffiti image of the figure with the words, “I ROCK.” Yes you do, cute little person-figure. I love that this artist chose what looks like kid proclaiming how cool they are, as the subject for their graffiti. It’s simple, lovable style captivated me right away. And it delights with with a positive message. You rock, kiddo! I hope to see more graffiti like this that is so awesome.

Not An Ugly Christmas Sweater

15 12 2011

Last weekend I was pretty excited when I got to show off my ugly holiday sweater. But to my surprise, instead of receiving compliments on how ugly and how appropriate my attire was, instead I was greeted with comments about how it wasn’t that ugly and how it wasn’t “seasonal” enough.

My goal when I was looking for an ugly holiday sweater was not to get something blatantly Christmas-y, but rather something that was generic for the holiday season and the winter months. I ended up finding a fantastic sweater that had a blue and white color palette and that showcased winter symbols, without a Christmas tree or a Santa in sight. I thought this was a major score.

But at the party, people were suggesting that the sweater could be improved by adding some red and green decorations to it. Excuse me, but the whole point of this sweater that it wasn’t for Christmas. I was under the belief that a sweater could be both hideous and for the holidays, without having to represent a religion. Plus, what really bothered me was that when I reflected on what my peers were saying, it seemed that they only thought that sweaters for Christmas were ugly. If there was an obviously unattractive sweater but it didn’t portray the Christian holiday at all, then it had to be an approving garment.

I’m sorry folks, but I’m sure there are many “holiday” or winter-themed sweaters that are also quite unattractive. Let’s look at these examples, shall we?

A family of snow-people

This snowman's just chillin'!

Generic winter symbols.

Just a couple of dogs and snowmen.

What a jolly looking snowman!

What Rally Balloon?

14 12 2011

Yesterday was my office building’s holiday party, and as a form of decoration, there were many red and white balloons floating atop the ceiling of the cafeteria space. When the party had finished, a co-worker and I snook in and snatched up some of these balloons to take back to our office. I’m not really sure why  my co-worker decided this was what we were to do, but as a fan of balloons, I didn’t argue. I took a red balloon for myself, and proceeded to write all over it, “LET’S GO CAPS!!!” in preparation for last night’s match-up against the Flyers on our home ice.

When I got into the office this morning, my once helium-filled balloon, had now sadly drooped to the floor. How appropriate, as the Caps ending up losing their game last night, 5-1. I’m sad to say that unfortunately like the Capitals, this Rally Balloon just didn’t stand a chance. That balloon which once soared proud and high, had become a symbol of our Nation’s Capital hockey club. Now if that’s not symbolism, I don’t know what is.