For Any Future Visitors…

4 01 2012

For any future visitors who come to CAPSLove and expect to see some updated and recent material, please head on over to the second installment of this blog: Thanks for your readership dedication. I look forward to seeing you in the new site. Catch you on the flip side!




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9 02 2012

Hello. I was looking for a fun road trip map of the U.S. I came across your blog and saw the map you used for your entry 11/23/2010 “Pre-Emptive 2011 New Year’s Resolution”. I am interested in purchasing that illustration hi res. Do you know who I might contact?

9 02 2012

It’s from this website: so I would email that artist and inquire with them.

13 02 2012

Thank you!

23 06 2015
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