I’m Sorry- I’m Not Going To Apologize

20 12 2011

I’m having the following absolutely insane conversation with a friend right now. Because it is one of the most absurd conversations, I am more than pleased to share it. My friends are crazy.

Matt: Like seriously are we done? You didn’t even call me back.
Me: No, I’ve been crazy busy. What! I texted and called you last night.
Matt: Well you can crazy-busy it right out of my life.
Me: That’s ok. I don’t need to do xmas with your family anyways.
Matt: I thought it was implied that you were uninvited.
Me: Ok. Your loss.
Matt: Your loss.
. . . . .
Matt: Well, are you going to apologize? Or are we just gonna sit in this awkward silence?
Me: …I should apologize for what? For calling you back and being busy?
Matt: it’s called saying, “I’m sorry.”
Me: I know. But what should I be sorry for?
Matt: Just be sorry for once in your life.
Me: For the sake of being sorry? I don’t think it works that way.
Matt: You know what you did and so does Jesus.
Me: No. I know that you’re a drama queen, but here’s what I’ll do for you-
I’m sorry Matt, but I’m not going to say “sorry” for something I didn’t do. Saying sorry for the sake of saying sorry doesn’t work. Sorry!
 Matt: That’s all you had to say.
Is that not the most ridiculous conversation you’ve ever read? I know it is for me. And the fact that my friend even accepted my non-apology as an apology just takes the cake. It is as if my friend was only interested in seeing me say the word, “sorry;” but not to actually use its meaning. Seriously, what a weird concept!



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