19 12 2011

Sorry for the short edition this week but apparently when I start my work rather late in the day, my blogging just gets pushed further as well. But I figured that something short and sweet would be better than nothing at all. So below are some Hipsters/Metro/Pokemon-inspired Thoughts From Last Week. If I didn’t know better (I don’t), I’d day that that is a pretty fantastic combination right there! Enjoy!


Hipsters might be living in and migrating to Columbia Heights, but they’re hanging out in the area they originated in D.C: Chinatown.

If it’s a debate over which most customers prefer: a Metro train stalling on the tracks while waiting for a train in front of it to leave the station versus inching forward and then stopping abruptly every few seconds, I’m sure everyone would prefer the former.

Everyone always complains about how Dupont Circle has the longest Metro escalator, but I think Rosslyn’s is longer.

Omg they’re playing a song from the Pokemon movie soundtrack at the bar I’m at for kickball and I LOVE that I recognized it from that!




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