Not An Ugly Christmas Sweater

15 12 2011

Last weekend I was pretty excited when I got to show off my ugly holiday sweater. But to my surprise, instead of receiving compliments on how ugly and how appropriate my attire was, instead I was greeted with comments about how it wasn’t that ugly and how it wasn’t “seasonal” enough.

My goal when I was looking for an ugly holiday sweater was not to get something blatantly Christmas-y, but rather something that was generic for the holiday season and the winter months. I ended up finding a fantastic sweater that had a blue and white color palette and that showcased winter symbols, without a Christmas tree or a Santa in sight. I thought this was a major score.

But at the party, people were suggesting that the sweater could be improved by adding some red and green decorations to it. Excuse me, but the whole point of this sweater that it wasn’t for Christmas. I was under the belief that a sweater could be both hideous and for the holidays, without having to represent a religion. Plus, what really bothered me was that when I reflected on what my peers were saying, it seemed that they only thought that sweaters for Christmas were ugly. If there was an obviously unattractive sweater but it didn’t portray the Christian holiday at all, then it had to be an approving garment.

I’m sorry folks, but I’m sure there are many “holiday” or winter-themed sweaters that are also quite unattractive. Let’s look at these examples, shall we?

A family of snow-people

This snowman's just chillin'!

Generic winter symbols.

Just a couple of dogs and snowmen.

What a jolly looking snowman!




6 responses

16 12 2011

That’s lame that some people criticized your ugly sweater. Maybe they were insecure about their own sweater or something and wanted to put the focus on someone else. Either way, it wasn’t all that nice though.

16 12 2011

Thanks for the comment! I don’t know why they were being so lame about my sweater. Besides, it’s all supposed to be in good fun anyways! It seemed like they didn’t even have sweaters of their own, so really they are not right to judge.

20 12 2014

I LOVE your snowmen sweater! Where did you get it?

30 05 2015

I got my sweater at K-mart I think…

21 12 2014

Can you tell me where to get the sweater with the family of snowmen and the white collar? I’ve been searching for it. If you know, please do tell. Thanks!

30 05 2015

Sorry, I just found the image online. Best of luck!

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