What Rally Balloon?

14 12 2011

Yesterday was my office building’s holiday party, and as a form of decoration, there were many red and white balloons floating atop the ceiling of the cafeteria space. When the party had finished, a co-worker and I snook in and snatched up some of these balloons to take back to our office. I’m not really sure why  my co-worker decided this was what we were to do, but as a fan of balloons, I didn’t argue. I took a red balloon for myself, and proceeded to write all over it, “LET’S GO CAPS!!!” in preparation for last night’s match-up against the Flyers on our home ice.

When I got into the office this morning, my once helium-filled balloon, had now sadly drooped to the floor. How appropriate, as the Caps ending up losing their game last night, 5-1. I’m sad to say that unfortunately like the Capitals, this Rally Balloon just didn’t stand a chance. That balloon which once soared proud and high, had become a symbol of our Nation’s Capital hockey club. Now if that’s not symbolism, I don’t know what is.




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