12 12 2011

Remember when I used to have weekly blog posts that many of you had become accustomed to? Well, I am slowly bringing back the weekly Thoughts From Last Week postings. It’s ok to secretly admit you missed them as much as I will secretly admit to missing them too. My collection of jotted down thoughts have been taking up space, and so thanks to CAPSLove, they are finally surfacing up for your enjoyment. These come from the last few weeks:


I don’t understand why nerds are associated with needing inhalers. Why??!

[Cool new band: Mariachi El Bronx.]

My Metro ride home is being overwhelmed by the putrid smell of a toddler’s poopy diaper, just on the other side of the aisle from where I’m sitting. When can I get off and escape?!

D-Day from “Animal House” is the original Hipster. I mean, check out that ‘stache!

My dinner tonight (in order)- 1 Dos Equis, 1 red wine Sangria, 1/2 “Texas sized” frozen strawberry-swirled Margarita, 1 Miller Lite, and chips and salsa. GAME ON.

Some lady got on the Metro who exclaimed to an acquaintance that she had just gotten laid off that morning. She was in tears. Her friend just acted non-chalantly. The real sad thing here is that the friend didn’t seem surprised or show any feelings. They both just kind of concluded that it was this darn economy.

I can’t tell if the person singing on my Metro train is singing for money, caroling, or just crazy/wants to sing for the heck of it; but I’m pretty sure it’s that last reason. He finished his song, said “thank you” and got off the train. Um, you’re welcome?

I’m just gonna put this out there, but PBR has more flavor than Bud Light.

I was having a conversation about Hipsters, and it was concluded that PBR has become too “mainstream-Hipster” so the latest acceptable Hipster beer is Natty Boh. How appropriate that I have five cans of it in my fridge!


Flip cup tournament pre-gaming. Like a true champion.




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