Street Art: Mexican Skulls

9 12 2011

Who’s been missing my street art postings? I know I have. Today I’m featuring a couple of stickers that I recently spotted in Chinatown, specifically around the intersection of 7th and E St. NW. I’m inclined to believe that these are both done by the same artist, mainly because of the unique subject matter. These Mexican Day of the Dead-style skulls are pretty fantastic. The detail work is well done and the colors are bright and hard to miss. Yet, they’ve been placed on newspaper vending boxes- so not necessarily at eye level, or a place that let’s them take the spotlight. Nonetheless they are great:

Outside Starbucks on the corner of 7th and E St.

Outside The Lansburgh apartments on 7th St., just South of the E St. intersection.

I love how similar they are, yet the pieces show obvious differences. The top piece is drawn onto a post office sticker- the medium here is obvious, as the label’s text is visible through the design. Whereas the bottom piece has been cut to form the shape of the skull. The second piece is more cartoonish and humorous than the first picture which is more of a serious design. The first piece also uses more variation with the thickness of lines as well as shading, creating a more realistic image.

I would love to know a few things about these mysterious stickers. Are they done by the same person? What is the meaning behind them? Why weren’t they put up during Halloween/The Day of the Dead? -I’m sure I would have noticed if they were up then. Would that have been too obvious of a time to showcase these beautiful designs? I hope there are more of these stickers around town. These may be some of the best street art stickers I’ve seen in D.C. lately.




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23 12 2011
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[…] terms of new business coming in. Over the past few weeks, I’ve already seen some pretty cool street art budding along the streets, so it’s cool to see a consistent flow of new pieces popping […]

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