Tuna Burrito

8 12 2011

Last night I was hungry, but didn’t want to spend my money to buy some dinner. I decided to create a dish from the food scraps I had lying around my apartment instead. Thankfully, I had just bought the key ingredients to make a quesadilla (tortillas and cheese), but I was hoping to make something a little more interesting this time around. First I considered the ingredients that go into the standard taco: rice, cheese, beans, veggies, protein. Well, I didn’t have any rice or beans, or a typical protein found in a burrito. That’s when I started to get creative…

So I took one wheat tortilla. Swirled some of California Tortilla’s California Screamin’ sauce on it. I had just bought some rice-milk mozzarella shredded cheese (which I was ambivalent to try, but it turned out to be pretty ok) so I tossed some of that on the tortilla. Not a bad start. I remembered I had some lettuce and black olives, which are common ingredients in Mexican food, so I added some chopped up pieces of those. It was almost done, but where was the protein? The only thing at hand was a can of tuna. Could that work? I’ve seen fish tacos, so I figured that tuna wouldn’t be too far away from that thought. Straight out of the can, I plopped some onto my creation. (A friend suggested I mix it with mayo to make it tuna salad, but I thought that sounded gross.) So I rolled it all up and prepared for my first bite.

My tuna burrito was not bad. Actually, it was pretty tasty. I have to admit however, that the sauce was probably the dominating flavor, with the tuna coming in at second. The cheese was mainly there for texture and balance. The lettuce added some nice color and crunch, and the olives; well I love olives – they were delicious. Overall, I would call it a success. I would even venture to add this to my collection of signature recipes. Feel free to try it out and tell me what you think!


– 1 tortilla (I used whole wheat)

– any type of hot sauce will work (I used California Tortilla’s California Screamin’) 1-2 Tablespoons

– some shredded lettuce (a handful’s worth)

– shredded cheese of your choosing (I used rice milk mozzarella) 1/4 Cup or so

– black olives, halved, around 8

– 1/2 can of light tuna in water

Place on tortilla and roll up. Enjoy!





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