A Christmas Exorcism Part Two

7 12 2011

Last night I was watching the movie of, “A Christmas Carol.” It was the original movie, and I had never seen it. When I turned on the movie, it was at the end, where Scrooge encounters the third ghost of his night; the Ghost of Christmas Future. It got me thinking about another moral to the well known story.

At one point in the story, this ghost shows the Scrooge that he will die if he continues about in his mean, old ways. This wake-up call really rattles the Scrooge and is basically the reason he changes his ways. But to me, it was basically like telling Scrooge that if he doesn’t celebrate Christmas- he’ll die. A little harsh, isn’t it?

What if the story was a metaphor for racism? You could imagine that perhaps Scrooge didn’t like partaking in the celebration of Christmas because he didn’t believe in Christmas. For example, let’s say Scrooge was Jewish. Well, shunning him for his beliefs isn’t very nice, now is it? And telling Scrooge that he’s going to die for being Jewish in a Christian world, is pretty much the ongoing story of the Jews’ existence in history. Now, I can’t say this latter example for a fact however, because I haven’t read Dickens’ story. But from the play and the movie of, “A Christmas Carol,” it does not say anywhere that Scrooge is Christian.

This was just another thought of why Charles Dickens’ story might warrant a closer look. Sure, many people like to focus on the message of promoting good cheer to all, but I still hold true that this story is a pretty dark one. If you look more into it, you can see why it’s more of a haunting story better suited for Halloween, than for Christmas.




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