Texts From Last Night: Caps vs. Blues Game Edition

30 11 2011

Last night I was excited to be going to the Caps game. Not only was it another game to add to my list for the season, but it was possibly the most exciting and stressful game of the season (at least so far). The Caps had a new coach and were hoping to get out of a losing slump. Could the new guy fix the team? Apparently not. Or at least not in one miraculous game. So instead of attending a memorable Caps game, the experience was missable and I almost regret going. The game got so bad that I was basically texting my thoughts to myself during the entire third period. Below are those texts from last night describing all the unfortunate thoughts that were brewing around in my mind during a very unfortunate Caps game. Some of them might not make the most sense, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only person thinking non-sensical thoughts during that depressing game…

  • “I feel like I don’t even know this team anymore.” -my friend
  • I have an idea: the Caps need to get as far away from their days with the old logo and the failing record as possible. Bringing back a former player from that period seems to be jinxing the team.
  • A new coach and one game isn’t going to turn the team around… but IT SHOULD.
  • Even if the Caps somehow win this, I feel like they’ve already lost it.
  • Once a Cap, always a Cap. Maybe bringing back a former player wasn’t the smartest move. (Has Mr. Kolzig been helping us?)
  • Well, I guess my year+ record of going to Caps games and having them win was only lasting during the Boudreau Era. Apparently I have helped to usher in the Caps by attending a loss. This is so not cool.
  • I started out a Caps fan when the were one of the worst teams in the league. If things are reverted back to that (which is unfortunately entirely possible) I will remain a Caps fan just like before. But I hope the franchise knows that it will be losing a truckload of all those bandwagon fans who joined in on the rush when Boudreau took over DC.
  • Look. That’s all hunky-dory that the Caps have really bonded together as a team. But when the entire class completely revolts against the teacher, that rebellious thinking needs to be changed. Does the team need the same kind of treatment that occurred in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? If it at least changes something (as it did in the movie) then maybe metaphorically yes…
  • At least with Boudreau around, Caps fans had come to accept a sense of hope. But with the new Dale Hunter, fans are just lost in doubt and mystery.
  • I think Boudreau should have been fired after the upcoming Penguins game. Because at least under him, the Caps have managed to beat the Pens practically every game in regular season. I guess the real test is going to be if the Caps can continue that streak with Dale Hunter.



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