Babies That Look Like Old People

29 11 2011

I was strolling down the cobblestone streets of Old Town Alexandria this past Sunday afternoon, when something caught my eye. It was low to the ground and in a stroller. But I had to do a double-take, as it didn’t quite seem like a typical person seated in the stroller. I knew it was a baby for some reason, but it didn’t really resemble one. No, instead, the child looked more like an old man, than a cute baby. It was both amusing and oddly captivating to look at.

It gave me an idea. Maybe I could create a Tumblr that focused on this such notion: babies that look like old people. Something about it sounded familiar, however, and I later checked the internet to find the already-existing blog. But to my surprise, it does not apparently exist. I have basically been given the internet OK to create this Tumblr, since my Google search turned up nothing.

There is however, a couple of problems with this new idea. The first snag is that while amusing, it’s kind of a mean thing to create a blog after. I’ve seen my fair share of babies so far (I used to work in an Old Time Photo joint where I was no stranger to taking photos of babies in Old Timey costumes) and while it is a sad but true phenomenon that some babies are cuter and more baby-looking than others, some babies do more closely resemble Benjamin Button. I’m just afraid that karma will get me, and one day, I will end up with an old man-baby.

The other issue here, is that in all honesty, I don’t really care that much about babies. I have no desire to have a baby of my own right now, and frankly, I’m not much of a fan of babies in general. (Kids, however are a different story. I love kids.) I’m afraid if I spent a good chunk of my time creating a tumblr about babies, then it would be misleading to my real interests. But then again, I feel like this is the sort of thing the internet world would love.

So be on the look-out for this Tumblr in the internet world. It may pop up, brought to you by the creator of CAPSLove. Or it may not. Maybe I’ll implore somebody else to create such a thing. Either way, I think it is a pretty funny idea, I just don’t want to be too mean about it. Besides, I’m sure, those old-people-babies will grow out of their elderly looks, just as Benjamin Button did!




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5 12 2011

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