Caps Don’t Do Well With Coaches Named Bruce

28 11 2011

As many of you may have heard by now (boy, does news travel fast!), the Capitals’ lovable coach Bruce Boudreau was fired and Capitals veteran player, Dale Hunter has been called in to fill the coaching job. I’ll let you soak that one in…

I first heard about the news when I woke up to a text a friend had sent me. The radio was on to a discussion about the firing and re-hiring and it seemed like the whole world was talking about how poorly the Caps have been playing this season. Sure, we had a fantastic start to the season with seven straight wins, but I guess the Caps must have gotten exhausted from all that winning and the team broke down.

Many people have been asking me how I feel, as they know I am such a fan of the Caps team. Honestly, I’m sad to report that I’m not that surprised it happened. I used to think that it was somehow my fault that the Caps lost their games if I weren’t available to watch the game. That jinx could work, as I didn’t see the last two games the Caps played with Boudreau, but in all reality, I could also tell that the team was in some odd kind of muck.

So who’s the new guy taking over? Former Capital player, Dale Hunter is the new man in charge. Dale Hunter played with the Caps from 1987-1998, which was before I really became a Caps fan. Sure, you could check out his wikipedia page, but when I first heard the name, I immediately remembered this great Caps Rap which mentions Hunter at 1:08.

With all this being said and done however, it eerily reminds me that the Caps do not have the best record with coaches named Bruce. Who remembers former captain Bruce “Butch” Cassidy? While I’m not going to go and compare the coaching styles of the two men, I will point out that both coaches were named Bruce and both coaches didn’t last very long. To be fair, Bruce Boudreau’s stay in Washington was for a year longer than Bruce Cassidy’s, but still, it was a shame to see both coaches go.

So here’s to hoping that all the Caps really need now is a new coach. Maybe the Caps organization will have learned their lesson and won’t hire any more coaches name Bruce. But for the record, I liked Boudreau. I’m not happy to see that he’s gone, but I am more a fan of the players than the coaches, and when they players aren’t succeeding, then I will support whatever means will get the team to play better. I’m sorry to see the Bruce era come to a close, but I’m ready for the Caps to get their act together.




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28 11 2011

10CCs of winning stat!
Also I think one of the years you mentioned Hunter playing was canceled due to strike 😛

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