Orlov Gets Start With The Caps

25 11 2011

See that headline? It says that Dmitri Orlov just got his start with the Capitals. Back on Monday, he played his first NHL game against the Phoenix Coyotes, and game number two was on Wednesday versus the Winnipeg Jets. I had previously met the Russian kid at a Hershey Bears game, where we shared an incredibly awkward post-game conversation at an autograph session. Orlov is super young and super awkward, but apparently he’s also pretty good at playing hockey too.

Anyways, like I was saying, Orlov played in his first NHL games this week. So it confused me when I picked up a few days old Examiner newspaper today to see this odd photo:

So how come this photo shows Orlov playing against the Columbus Blue Jackets here? Did I miss something? I was under the impression that Monday was Orlov’s NHL debut. Either this photograph was Photoshopped or Orlov was secretly called up a while ago to play against Columbus when nobody knew who he was. This photo brings up some questions and I find this all very suspicious. Where did this photo come from? Why would anyone doctor such a photo? What did Orlov think of playing against one of the consistently bad teams? Where was I when this all happened?

In addition to this mysterious photo, I want to bring up another point. The article from which that photo was taken discussed how Orlov’s English may not be so strong. But Orlov has been playing with the Hershey Bears for some time. Does that imply that they don’t speak English in Hershey, PA? Is Russian the only language that they speak during hockey games and practices? Why doesn’t Dmitri speak any English? What kind of things are they teaching those Hershey boys?

Anyways, despite all this confusion around the mysterious Dmitri Orlov, he has definitely been keeping up on his end. Orlov’s been getting a good amount of ice time for a rookie, he’s been hitting, shooting, and overall impressing the Caps’ team and coaches. I heard a rumor that even if Erskine (the defenseman he’s been replacing) is healthy enough to play tonight, that Orlov might still get the nod from Boudreau to play tonight, because he’s been that useful on the ice. Thatta boy! Keep up the good work, Orlov!




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