Semin’s Lifetime Achievement

18 11 2011

Last night in the disappointing hockey game in which the Caps lost to the Winnipeg Jets, something rather miraculous happened. If you were watching the game, you may have seen something rather out of the ordinary. Alexander Semin did something that he’s never done before… at least not while playing hockey. Many have been negatively talking about Semin’s career with the Caps this season and how he seems to be slipping, but last night’s performance really seemed to be showing the player in a different light.

So Semin scored a goal. It was the Caps’ only goal of the game, too. But that’s not exactly what I’m referring to. Need a hint? Check out the video footage of his goal for a clue as to what I’m talking about. Still unsure? Alexander Semin smiled. It’s a simple notion, but normally, this Russian is way too serious and NEVER smiles. But last night changed all that. I think there’s a correlation here. I think that perhaps if Semin learned to smile more, he would score more goals.

Example 1

Example 2

See, Sasha? That wasn’t so bad! Smiling is fun! And easy! It makes you feel good! And as proved by last night, is caused by good things! Like scoring goals for your team who otherwise hadn’t really associated you with the best of thoughts. Keep up the good work, Alexander. Keep on smilin’.




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