In A Couple Of Weeks, They Will Eat Their Young

16 11 2011

Today’s post features a wonderfully entertaining video of someone singing a song by The Beatles. If you think this is going to be any old cover, then you best read on. This version of The Beatles song, “Obla-di Obla-da” is possibly one of the greatest videos on YouTube of a Beatles cover…

The performer is a young Japanese boy, who, while nameless, is something of a YouTube celebrity. I’m sure YouTube celebrities have their videos posted in numerous venues and discussed, but today I’m taking it one step further. This boy is known for apparently not really knowing the lyrics to the many songs he sings and plays. He is also just plain adorable:

In the video du jour, he sings manages to completely muffle about 97% of the lyrics of The Beatles’ hit song. I’m pretty sure he never really learned the lyrics to begin with. Don’t get me wrong- this is not a bad thing in this case! No, instead this young chap totally delights his audience with a fantastic stage presence and lest we not forget- his impressive ability to play the ukulele! He knows all the chords!

But what the heck is he singing? At first I thought the lyrics he was singing was, “In a couple of weeks, they will eat their young” instead of what it really is: “In a couple of years, they have built a home (sweet home).” I thought what I was hearing however, was much more entertaining though. So I decided to transcribe all the lyrics as I heard them much like this fantastic video does. So below I would like to share with you the video and then my misheard lyrics. Enjoy!

This is the fantastic Obladi Oblada video you need to watch.




One response

17 11 2011

My favorite is still “Knuckle wheats mama eats the young in ha”.

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