Photo Outline Drawing: Uncle Lucius

10 11 2011

I’m still reeling from Tuesday night’s concert of Uncle Lucius so today’s post is on that same topic. I’ve been listening to the two CD’s I have of the band, but sadly, the live album I have of theirs keeps skipping and is all scratchy sounding. I need to look into getting the disc cleaned, because it seems like I’ve listened to it so much that it’s breaking down! I’ll keep it of course though; that’s the disc I got the band to sign!

Anyways, below is another one of my “photo outline drawings.” This time it’s done of the band’s photo that they’ve got plastered to the band’s web site. I switched things up a little bit with this piece. I decided to opt out of doing faces, and mainly just keep the body outlines. I also actually had some fun drawing in the speakers and such behind them. The drawing I did didn’t initially include the background, but I like the added visual rhythm that it contributes to the composition. I think the drawing is pretty successful because you can tell who each band member is, even with minimal representation.




3 responses

17 03 2012
hal jon

hey, this is hal from uncle lucius. we love the photo drawing!!! wondering if we could use it for something in the future. great job, get in touch with me

22 05 2012
The Famed Journey Of My Uncle Lucius Drawing | C.A.P.S.Love Two: The Girl On The JumboTron

[…] the latest exciting news about my art get noticing, today’s post is about a certain drawing I created a while back for a certain band. To sum things up, I created an “outline […]

7 09 2013
David Price

Going to see Uncle Lucius tonight!
Love the art work!

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