Uncle Lucius Treats Again

9 11 2011

They started out in my mind as total rock stars. I was amazed at the hair, the presence, the music, and the overall rocking. It doesn’t happen very often that I immediately fall in love with a band. Usually, it takes some time before I can claim to “love” a band. But not with them. With this group, I was seized from the start. I blogged about them once, twice, and this makes the third time. I didn’t think I could say anything more after my last review, because I hit the right notes with every description, but who am I kidding, Uncle Lucius totally deserves another blog post of a fantastic concert review!

The Uncle Lucius line-up: Hal, Kevin, Jon, Josh, and Mike

For all too many of you who missed the concert, last night’s show at Hill Country BBQ was a real treat. This time I was able to get a friend to come with me and I’m sure the delicious Hill Country BBQ in our stomachs, sure didn’t hinder our fantastic time. Everyone’s favorite Uncle came to rock and boy, did they ever.

I wanted to make last night even more memorable, so I mustered up all my awkward, sober, courage, and moseyed on over to the band members one at a time, before the show. They were conveniently all hunkered down at the bar next to me. I knew what I had to do: get the whole band to sign my CD! I approached Hal first. We had met at the last show and to my amazement, he told me he remembered me. (Totally made my night!) One by one, I made my way to each band member, having a little chat with them and getting their autograph like a true groupie fan. All the guys were truly nice and really enjoyed talking to me. I guess that whole thing about Southern charm is true, because Uncle Lucius sure had it! I was also more than pleased to hear their Southern accents. I love Southern accents!

This is how awesome I am.

But personal conversations aside, the music is really, why I went, right? The concert was fantastic. Most of their music was what I’ve already heard before, which was great because I was delighted to sing right along! I did however, hear a few new songs which really resonated with me. The first of the batch of new songs, was a tune they recently wrote called, “Somewhere Else.” It was very sweet and happy sounding and totally sounded like something the Allman Brothers would write.

Uncle Lucius also did a pretty spot-on cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Parachute Woman.” I really wish I had had enough memory in my camera to take a video of that. Sadly, there isn’t a video of it online anywhere either. As if The Stones’ great twang wasn’t convincing enough to be true Southern, Uncle Lucius performed the song masterfully. I had never heard another band cover this song, and Uncle Lucius was the exact band you’d want to hear do this song.

Another memorable tune of the night was surprisingly, another cover; this time of, “Bring It On Home To Me.” I have a special affinity for this song, and have actually been wanting to make a mix of every cover done of this classic tune, so when I heard Uncle Lucius do this song, I was grinning from ear to ear. They rocked this song in an upbeat manner and they really seemed to have fun with it. Josh Greco’s drumming had a sort of “Blues Brothers-esque” quality to it and Jon Grossman’s keyboard playing was especially pretty. His “tickling of the ivories” was pretty special as the sound delicately stood out among the loud jamming of the rest of the band. (Unfortunately as well, there is no video of this song either.)

It’s one thing to play covers really well, but when you can really deliver on the originals, you know you’ve really got something extraordinary. I came away from last night with a new favorite song from the group, and this one’s a true original. (Previously, I labeled my favorites as, “Everybody Got Soul” and “Ain’t It The Same.”) So it’s my pleasure to share with you my new favorite song, “Now.” This song’s got some funk, and some cowbell, so really what’s not to like?

Another song worth mentioning, was the tune, “Don’t Mean A Thing.” This song gloriously rocked the Country genre. It has your typical Country beat, and made me feel like I was back in Nashville. Really, with that beat going, how can you keep still? I also find it entertaining that some of the lyrics talk about Cleveland, Ohio, since my family is from there. Take these lyrics for example:

“Hell, I don’t mind that you’re leaving.

Ohio’s a good place to be.

You’re going back, to find your ex-husband.

You best forget about me.”

Cute line about Ohio, but really, there’s no way anyone can forget about you. Uncle Lucius is truly unforgettable!




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