TFLW The Imminent Return

7 11 2011

Remember way back, when I had a weekly segment at CAPSLove called, “TFLW (Thoughts From Last Week)”? Well I temporarily gave it up for quite a hiatus. I thought I was too good to resort to blogging about my miscellaneous thoughts from the past week. I thought that it was a cheap way to come up with something to write about. Perhaps I was right, but in the meantime, I’ve been accumulating texts to myself about things that have been swimming around in my mind. With no other place to jot these thoughts down, I have decided to return to TFLW. Whether you have missed this weekly “special” or not, TFLW is back! Do enjoy.


The D.C. Metro is responsible for the most WTF moments in the city.

The only case where being labeled as That Guy is appropriate, is at a sports game: where fans are encouraged to wear clothing that represents who they are cheering on and going to see.

Riding the Metro is the ultimate Halloween experience: sudden jolts in motion, being stranded in dark tunnels, a lack of communication, an overwhelming sense of mystery and terror. It’s like a moving fun haunted house!

Man, it would be great if (Craigslist’s) Mixed Connections was as widely popular as say, Facebook. Then you could more easily find the cutie you made eyes at on the Metro, or that hottie you chatted up while in line for the latest food truck!

“Madam! Sir! Baby! Child! Whatever!” -Johnny Depp, in the movie, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” This is my new favorite quotation. [check out the clip, at 1:15 HERE, which also happens to be my favorite part of the movie.]




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