From Charm City to The Big Apple

4 11 2011

This weekend, one of my closest friends is moving away. He got a new job recently (which is awesome) working for Scholastic and while he originally thought he’d be landing the new job in Boston, he was offered instead, the job in New York City. My friend is therefore moving from Baltimore to New York City. While it’s pretty sad to see my friend leave Maryland, I know he’s super psyched about this new change in his life.

While I’m all for Maryland and it’s fantastic crab cakes and football, I have to hand it to my friend for moving to another pretty good place. So to help make my friend a little more at ease with his new life in NYC, here are my top 10 reasons for why New York is (slightly better) than Baltimore. (In no order…)

  1. Better pizza.
  2. New York has a hockey and a basketball team, while Baltimore does not.
  3. Better chance at seeing celebrities.
  4. Speaking of hockey, the Rangers has former Capitals player, Steve Eminger! (Love him.)
  5. Better graffiti.
  6. Better museums. (Sorry, Walters Art Museum. You just don’t cut it.)
  7. More movies have taken place in NY.
  8. Cheesecake is the city’s signature food (in addition to pizza).
  9. NYC has more public transportation and a subway that people actually know about and use.
  10. Better New Year’s celebration. Times Square, for sure.

I think that just about does it. Hopefully my buddy will be able to add to this list, after living and working in the city. I’m sure he won’t miss Baltimore’s notorious crime scene and lack of super heros! Though New York isn’t much of a place for seafood. But I know my friend is a huge fan of cheesecake so I’m sure he’ll fit in just well. I’ll miss you!

Strawberry Cheesecake from Carnegie Deli




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