Farewell To Another Blog Of Mine…

2 11 2011

Many of you may be aware that I author another blog. It’s nothing special, and I haven’t written anything in it since May. The blog, works similarly to Twitter, where I wrote in brief entries of whatever food I was craving at the time being. The blog was aptly named, “What I’m Craving.”

It all started with the first posting on April 27 of last year. The first thing I decided to document craving was a simple one word: “Pho.” The blog continued on for about a year wherein I would write a simple word or two describing whatever food I was yearning for. It started out as any other successful blogging idea, with entries coming in every few days, but then as time wore on, I either had fewer noteworthy cravings, or didn’t feel the need to blog about them. Needless to say, the posts were trickling in every few months until I realized that the last post was more than a just a couple months ago.

So I’m deciding to pull the strings on What I’m Craving. The idea seemed to have only entertained me for about a year. That’s fine. It was purely experimental and I suppose I’m impressed it lasted as long as it did. Anyways, I’ll keep the blog up for a few more days if you’d like to head on over and see what I was craving over a year’s time. It’s really just silly stuff. Bon appetite!

What I'm Craving About Page




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