The Saddest Day of the Year

1 11 2011

Today is quite possibly the Saddest Day of the Year. It is the day where we realize that we have another whole year to go before the next Halloween. It is a day of reflection of this year’s Halloween and all the glorious times we had and the memories we made (or forgot, depending on how you partied).

The first of November is also a day of cleaning up. We clean up from Halloween parties and those who decided to trick rather than to treat. We take down all of the spooky decorations that took so much time to put up around our homes and offices. Candy wrappers are thrown in the trash, and liquor bottles and cans are (hopefully!) recycled. Today’s garbage may also feature trashed and ruined costumes that may not have survived the night. The trash cans will be colorful with scraps of yesterday’s Halloween.

But all is not lost. While today is a sorrowful one, it is also a hope for the coming year. For today begins a rebirth in the creative minds of those (like myself) who are dedicated Halloween fans. Sure, we may long for just one more day to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve this year, but there is a gleam of promise for next year. Today begins the brainstorming of what bigger and better costumes we can come up with for next year’s festivities. And hey, if you just can’t deal with even more Halloween right now, at least you can score some major post-Halloween candy sales!




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