Street Art: Halloween Edition

28 10 2011

Fridays are often Street Art/Graffiti days, here at CAPSLove, and I wasn’t about to let Halloween stop yet another weekly edition of this weekly venture. Today we’re taking a look at some fantastic examples of Halloween-related street art and graffiti. I’ve found a number of Jack-o-Lanterns for today as well as a few ghosts and zombies. I think there needs to be more spooky graffiti out on the streets. Sure, Halloween is a fantastic holiday, but why limit scary art to just one holiday? Nonetheless, let’s take a gander at some fine pieces of Halloween-type street art, shall we?

"ALERT" graffiti that's got all the Halloween bases covered.

"KLONE" tag, where the bright orange jack-o-lantern stands out among the darker background of bats.

I'm really digging this mummy with the sideways cap and cigar!

"THOUP" jack-o-lantern playing with perspective. The yellow blobs with bats add a nice touch to the design.

I know there is so much high quality graffiti here, but look at how expressive those Frankenstein's Monsters are! I also love the bright green colors used.

A sad, winged jack-o-lantern files in front of a eery, crackling scene.

 Halloween Countdown: 3 days!

Have a rad Halloween weekend! I’ll see y’all back here for the real deal on Monday!




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1 11 2011
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1 11 2011
38 Graffiti Monsters That Go Beyond Halloween Horror | Outlooks & Insights

[…] via capslove, justinryanbeck, […]

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