Halloween Graphic Design

27 10 2011

I realize that the past few Halloween posts have been on the scarier side, so today we’re taking a break with some more artsy images. Today we celebrate Halloween through some fantastic graphic design in the form of posters, advertisements, illustration, and even a pretty unique tombstone. The following graphic design is still keeping with the Halloween theme though, so I can not promise that you might not be frightened! Mwah ha ha…

This first poster cleverly plays off of Goodwill's "g" logo (found in the name in the lower corner).

This scary poster is a creepy twist of role reversal in carving a pumpkin!

This is my favorite: a glass of Guinness becomes a vampire's fangs!

The seven deadly sins in typographic-skull form.

Who's ever seen a tombstone with such unique and modern typography? This is great.

It’s always great when I get to find eye-poppingly cool examples of successful Graphic Design and these examples are no exception! Each of these designs are creepy and unique in their style and method of conveying the ghoulish, the deathly, or the spooky.  When you combine two of my biggest pleasures of Halloween and Graphic Design, you’re sure to get a winning result!

Halloween Countdown: 4 days!




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